Sunday, January 29, 2012

defeated, i'd like to stop repeating

today was more than i wanted, or not ?.  What do I want?  Do I want this shared One.  Why do I want anything ?  I once had the sentiment to become [part of] the pattern.  To experice all dark/light sentiments and by doing, efface my self, as a way to ... I have lost my meaning. 


  1. This reads more like self doubt than a master plan to me.

  2. you want to indulge, we all do

  3. There does appear to be self doubt involved in the process of self effac3ment. More like moments of pure terror, as well as it's opposite. I would like to think I am back, but maybe in a different capacity (?) which I would like to explore here as one form. In the meantime, I have built a dream pc, in my estimation of a good dream. I have yet to connect my drawing tablet or applicable software. But I very much would like to get in tune with my artistic side in this blogging arena again. WOOT. hehe.

    And indulge? Well, yes, that is one sentiment that we do share. haha