Friday, February 24, 2012

And continue here?

5 shades of french grey, sepia, beige, white, black...

So this is my fresh start, mm k?

I was inspired to give another go with colored pencils rather than pastels, or even going digital just yet.  Still working on using colors, if you may recall.  I think my next colored pencil piece, I will try to start with the lighter colors, and gradually step down into color depth and boldness.

And you most likely will be seeing more pictures of this particular girl.  Dunno what I'll call her on here.  I guess, we can do the number game again, and call her girl #1.  For the purposes of this blog at least.

Well, I really enjoyed doing some art again, and as u may remember, its not unheard of for me to do more than one piece of art in a day, or more than 2  :P  I gotta do some chores today, namely clean the kitchen.  WooT.

Soo, lemme get on that  :P

Alrighty then,



  1. I'm thinking at this point, I'm just gonna call her girl #1. Just the first girl I chose to draw in this go of blogging. Happens to be Romanian.