Wednesday, March 28, 2012

go out [there] again? meh, why not?

Posting a piece of artwork twice, so it may be more easily perceived what I'm going for...

First picture is an imagined view from within and below, looking up.

And second, just an [out there] depiction of a human form.

For note:

white - lungs
red - heart
green - liver
yellow - spleen and pancreas
blue - kidneys

Any point to visualizations such as these?  Well, personally, I like to be able to visualize stuff.  There may some point if one is concerned with something like kundalini?  I haven't really looked into the likes of that so much.

Just wanted to share a visual thought.  Maybe draw a more attractive human form tomorrow  :P  haha.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ok, it's not necessarily Friday.

Hadn't planned on drawing today, but I started playing around, and...  better than smoking a cig, fer sure.

A second drawing of girl #1.  Hand a great time in Gimp with my tablet.  I can imagine learning lots of nifty tricks with this combination.

So, maybe another picture tomorrow or Friday.  I mean, hey, at this rate, anything is possible!  :P

Oh, and I don't know about that reply function for comments.  Don't seem to recall that.  I'm gonna have to get used to that new fangled feature.  heh

Alright, peace y'all

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I can be so lazy, But...

This is my 3rd day without smoking anything.  Well, save for an ecig.  So sue me.  Last real cig I had was Saturday afternoon I believe.  Yah, I was off yesterday, and could have drawn another picture.  But it was easier to resist buying cigs by being as lazy as I could be!  haha.

I would really like the majority of my posts on here to have some sort of artwork.  So I recently connected my drawing tablet to my good desktop, and installed gimp.  And came up with this:

Perhaps a bit far out, but not really.  The black outline is of a human form (an idea of one at least) that I came up with when I was in college and experimenting with drugs.  The colors within the body are colors I gleaned while studying taoist stuffs.  The idea is you inhale energy into each organ, and focus on [that] color for [that] organ, to clean it's energy.  White - lungs, red - heart, green - liver, yellow - spleen/pancreas, blue - kidneys.  And then when you exhale, you visualize exhaling orange tinged energy, which is supposedly the stale/used energy.  Spirals, meh, I may elaborate on that later.

In so many words, it feels good to visualize my lungs glowing a healthy white, and exhaling that nasty energy out, while my lungs heal in the absence of any kind of smoke.  Yah, I know, ecigs still, but that's vaporized nicotine/water.  Hehe, for that matter, I'm using nicotine gum too, while I am at work.  SO SUE ME  :P  hehe

Welp, my next day off is Friday.  That doesn't necessarily mean I won't post more artwork till Friday, but, well, that's most likely what it means  :P  hehe

Ok then folks, till next time


Thursday, March 8, 2012

If the same page is to be found, lets get on that plz.

I've been intending to make another picture of girl #1 for a few days now.  There is hesitation and reservation about continuing on this path.  I'm not entirely sure the exact cause(s) of this.

For example, I had intense dreams before getting up this morning, then again during an early nap.  These wiped out a bit of my energy before I even joined the waking world.

As far as counting goes, I've done it before, as some of you may recall.  At this point, I've counted girl #1 who happens to be from Romania.  [Before] her, there is a girl from Siberia who entered my numbers game, who I had intended to draw at least one picture of at some point in this new blogging go around.

But there is a third girl, that I would not have counted, as she seems even out of the scope of my crazy number schemes, but nonetheless, she has entered my equation.  She essentially would make girls #1 and #2 null and void, unless she wanted them to be still counted.  My whole plan was to end up with just one girl.  Hence the whole number series I have built my path upon being a series of reductive counting, ending at just 1.

Therefore, I would still like to draw more pictures of girl #1, and at least one picture of girl #2, being the Siberian girl.  Or at least last i knew, that's where she considered home.  It sounds odd saying the pictures I want to draw now are in a vane of paying tribute or respects.  But those are my thoughts about the pictures I would like to continue with at this point.

So, having made an attempt to find the same page for us to move forward from here:  now I would like to focus my energies on becoming part of the blogging community once again, and bring more artwork into this blog.

Thanks for your time.  I do look forward to following your blogs, and I think I shall start doing that today.  Hope morning coffee is still an option, cuz I've some experience with that.  And hopefully my dream computer will have no qualms with 100 tabs in firefox if it gets to that point again  :P

Alrighty then,