Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I can be so lazy, But...

This is my 3rd day without smoking anything.  Well, save for an ecig.  So sue me.  Last real cig I had was Saturday afternoon I believe.  Yah, I was off yesterday, and could have drawn another picture.  But it was easier to resist buying cigs by being as lazy as I could be!  haha.

I would really like the majority of my posts on here to have some sort of artwork.  So I recently connected my drawing tablet to my good desktop, and installed gimp.  And came up with this:

Perhaps a bit far out, but not really.  The black outline is of a human form (an idea of one at least) that I came up with when I was in college and experimenting with drugs.  The colors within the body are colors I gleaned while studying taoist stuffs.  The idea is you inhale energy into each organ, and focus on [that] color for [that] organ, to clean it's energy.  White - lungs, red - heart, green - liver, yellow - spleen/pancreas, blue - kidneys.  And then when you exhale, you visualize exhaling orange tinged energy, which is supposedly the stale/used energy.  Spirals, meh, I may elaborate on that later.

In so many words, it feels good to visualize my lungs glowing a healthy white, and exhaling that nasty energy out, while my lungs heal in the absence of any kind of smoke.  Yah, I know, ecigs still, but that's vaporized nicotine/water.  Hehe, for that matter, I'm using nicotine gum too, while I am at work.  SO SUE ME  :P  hehe

Welp, my next day off is Friday.  That doesn't necessarily mean I won't post more artwork till Friday, but, well, that's most likely what it means  :P  hehe

Ok then folks, till next time



  1. There are some stats on how long it takes for the lungs to clear up fully aren't there or was I imagining that?

  2. According to this:


    Aside from cancer and heart concerns... Looks like lungs heal withing 2 weeks to 9 months after quitting. Looks like the cough goes away after at least a month, going from that.

    I am breathing better already tho, and coughing less.

  3. I'm going through the same thing buddy. a3

  4. I've completely failed to get on with my tablet...good work on the smoking