Friday, June 22, 2012

~perception, apt to mine~

Well, I just thought I'd share a little from my mindscape.  I've been playing with some ideas I've read some on recently, regarding sacred geometry, for one, as related via written word by Drunvalo Melchizadek (hope that's wRite spelling :P).  Don't mind these ideas if they are scattered, its fairly new thought for me, and while inspired by the named Author, these ideas are apt to my perception.

Fooled around a bit with angles of triangles, namely equilateral traingles, which was actually fun thinking within my mind about angles (numbers) and geometry (shapes).  Sorry, if I'm vague, but I can choose that with new/fresh thoughts.  Tetrahedrons have greatly interested me since my first (and only) read through of Initiation by Elizabeth Heigh(sp?).  I still love pondering how it was claimed there that an inside out (pretty sure thats how they put it) tetrahedron would be the essence of the four sided pyramids some may have come across.

Anyhow, It interests me geometrically how the simplest (yes, my perception) 2d shape the eq. triangle can be utilized to create the [simplest] 3d shape.  So I question degrees of said triangles.  60 degrees from bottom horizontal looking from the inside.  Or 30 degrees from our closest axis (isn't that Y?) outside the triangle.  Anyhoo, my left brain basically enters a 'neat' space at this point, as I tilt that triangle we're looking straight at a little to the back, such as it would lay within a tetrahedron [that has its bottom triangle being on the x/z plane.  And 51 degrees is also kewl cuz it has something to do with pyramids i think, sooo...

Drunvalo has some neat thoughts on what is termed the MerKaBa.  Said to be two tetrahedrons, that one pointing up, being transposed with another pointing down.  It is said to surround the body, and it seems it can be visualized statically, or spinning in opposite directions, I believe (believe~think i recall) the top pointing tetr. spins counterclockwise, while the bottom pointing tetr. spins clockwise.  I'm not done studying this of course, hense the newness, and I try to take new age stuff like this with salt when I can.  Essentially tho, its kewl walking around with these spinning tet's, where as the opposing spirals involved with walking, sync up with these tetrahedrons.

(darn, I'm gonna have to give my ideas of spirals in a MUCH SHORTER post than this one now, haha)

Anyways, I admire your resolve if you've read this far, and if you just skipped ahead, then I apploud your [honesty?]  And now, a work in progress, that I intend to finish (see: Soon)

Last, but not least lest we forget;

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