Wednesday, July 4, 2012

and so it goes...

Not too sure where this blog is heading, but I've carved out a space here to share whatever, in any case.

I'm officially an uncle as of June 19, yeah, pretty sure that was the day.  Lost a pet the following day, and somehow didn't keep track of days/dates so much at that time.

Anyhow, I feel like going out there a bit with my thoughts.  By sharing at least.  Somehow my mind came up with "one hundred thousand miles into the future" a few weeks ago I think, and its been repeating itself in my head off and on since then.  It led to some fun thoughts, and a newer appreciation for "stillness in motion" which has been a favorite thought of mine when I first dabbled in meditation and qigong and such, more than a decade ago, now.

Essentially, I've got it boiled down to everything is still while in reference to 'itself' and everything is in motion from any point of reference 'outside itself'.  Or that's a simplified version of what I'm trying to convey.  So I thought down to the atoms that make up one's physical self.  And noted the protons (nucleus perhaps) and electrons.  These electrons are zipping around at prolly close to the speed of light, and are in motion when the little proton looks at them.  But I've got to assume some force holding them within relation to each other is causing that center in the atom to do some jiggling of it's own.  So essentially, the electron is in motion while in reference to the proton, but the proton would be in motion, if you'd think of the electron as the element that is at stillness.  The thought works for me, and maybe you can follow.

Anyhow, our physical selves can also be observed to be at stillness, with everything else in harmonic movement around our trusty ol body.  This thought I've enjoyed for many years, since the days of getting high and dancing to techno, with principles of tai chi dancing within my head.  heh.

Anyhow, I think this could lead to stillness of mind, so one could see everything as in motion, and the observer, overseer, whathave you could remain in stillness (~silence, if you will)...

And going on my previous post, I can share a wee bit regarding spirals.  The top pointing tetrahedron doing a counterclockwise rotation, would be the male aspect, while the clockwise rotating downward pointing tetrahedron would be the female aspect.  Which can be associated [logically?] with left spin being with left brain, and right spin being with right brain.  This is only a stepping stone I guess.  My really kewl experience regarding this stuff, is when I have the right brain and the left spinning tet. repel each other with their opposing nature, whilst the left brain presses the female tet. into her spin, while being nurtured and stimulated by that downward tet.'s [propulsion] force.

Essentially it seems to have an 'opening' sensation within my head, and just feels...  [good]...

Not sure what this type of post will spawn as a followup, but the more I fear I'll run out of ideas of interest, there I go inspired with some other nifty trick.

did i tell you i once attatched logic to my right side, intuition to my left and danced them together outside of time?

Maybe a normal boring post next time.  Maybe a picture.  oh, i bought a digital camera  :P

ah, heck, PEACE!


  1. well, congrats on the nephew! :D

  2. niece actually, guess i didn't specify. Lydienne, i'm liking the name :)

  3. i meant to say thank you too! "thank you"

  4. Congratulations to you on becoming someone's uncle!