Sunday, August 19, 2012

a little closer, perhaps

spent maybe 10-15 minutes more on this last night

so maybe i can motivate myself to finish it already, sheese...  its sooo -unfinished

In other news, my therapist kind of threw me off in my last therapy session.  It happens, I'm relatively close to Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. (Association for Reasearch and Enlightenment) H.Q. in Virginia, and he suggested I check it out.  Of course stuff like this interests me, but being schizophrenic (at least off and on i guess?) I didn't expect any kind of advice like that.  Guess its just my thinking of 'should stay away from that stuff' so I don't get caught up in 'another delusion'.  So, I'm intrigued.  Maybe I'll allow myself to be open to planning myself a visit there sometime [soon?].

Or maybe I'll finish this picture first.  Kinda gives me the impression of being somewhere between hopeless and just about there, haha.  I can see something tho, so its all good.

Could be another post soon, perhaps  :P


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  1. I really like the smile and the cheeks.

    Hope you do well in managing your mental illness. There is already so many negative misconceptions about people with mental illnesses in the media today the last thing we need is to fuel the fire.