Saturday, August 11, 2012

but i like that story...

for example...

we are immensely important people, race, species, in an immensely important time in history (within time) and we will be successful in evolving into immensely grand, unimaginable ways, and playing an immensely important part in the evolution of the universe.

or this...

we just happened to be in the right place and time in the universe for life to 'happen' and it probably has happened plenty of other places/times, and we just have one life to live and experience, and then we return to stardust from whence we came.


there are higher dimensions, and we've not much else place to go than up in the evolutionary cycle.  of course people are at different points, but we are moving in the right direction, in evolutionary terms, and there's no mistake or whatnot too big that we will not inevitably return to source, when all is said and done...


there is no point pondering the supernatural or extraordinary because the essence and beauty of life is to be found in the simple moments of ordinary existence...  there is no one right or wrong way to approach life, and different opinions or beliefs or views or stances are ok, disagreements are ok, and it is ok to speak your mind.


the magical and miraculous and spectacular is so appealing and fun...  so what if we can't ascertain the unknowable.  What's wrong with believing the culmination of 2012 will 'change the game' forever.  Why not believe levitation is completely feasible.  Why not meditate with a pre-conceived set of ideals and a goal in mind to be achieved...

and then...

but i think its enjoyable to entertain flights of fancy whether I am on the skeptical or the apt-to-believe side.  I think I'm going in the right direction right now, with paying off my debts.  I've heard it said, and am apt-to-believe there should be no pre-conceived goals or ideals while quieting the mind and sitting.  I am drawn to thoughts having to do with reduction, and love the idea of simplicity.  I don't find myself very involved with politics and team sports, and I think signing the occasional petition that strikes my fancy is enough to give the world, on a minimalistic basis.

to go further, or beyond ?

I'd like to reflect/ponder on what a highly respected individual told/hinted to me years ago regarding big mind and small mind...  That idea has struck my fancy  :)


  1. I enjoyed this post very much! Thank you!

    1. You are welcome, I am glad you enjoyed it. :)

  2. I enjoyed this post very much! Thank you!

    1. And thank you for your warm appreciation of this post! ;)