Thursday, September 27, 2012

just a post for a post :P

Well I still like it and it still suits me:

just to mention a few bits i guess...  i5-2500K, gigabyte Z68 motherboard, a kewl lian li case, 8 gigs of mushkin redline DDR3 1600 with good timing stats (7-8-7-24) - cas latency 7 which was kewl when i researched that stuff... umm, oh, Nvidia EVGA GTX 580, thats some gaming power...  dvd burner, and bluray burner (what for, I'm not sure yet).. 900W Antec gaming PSU,.  I think the cheapest backlit logitech kb i found (G110) (backlit, YAY, and cool customization options for colors  :)...  what else?  arg, what a boring post...  --Oh yea, I finally tried the Raid 0 thing with 2 500gig HDDs, so I have a 100gig system partition and the rest for games mostly, which is pretty fast, and kewl that I finally tried it  :)--

Did some work on a few co-worker's PC's recently.  Kinda playing with the idea of word-of-mouth getting around and doing more of that, maybe consider getting a business license.  umm, still haven't checked out that Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. (maybe tomorrow).

Oh, and if I finish that danged pencil drawing, she said she'd gimme another picture to draw.  Yippee, Gosta love the simple pleasures  :P

I have a goal to FINISH The Last Story game on Wii.  I just went thru the knight trials.  But I can sometimes be very distracted or very idle.  We'll see what happens.

Alrighty for now, Peace~