Monday, January 7, 2013

subtly impatient...

It's true I didn't purchase that new art program, but I'm nonetheless itching to do more art.  And I didn't want to proceed without finishing the last one.  Oh how hair trips me up tho.  I did enough to call it finished, in my opinion, and I guess i'll just hope my future drawings of 'hair' will improve. haha.  Lemme shuttup, here's the product.

HB lead in lead holder, for outline/sketch - 2H pencil for the 'drawing' i guess

I wouldn't mind my next picture being of the same girl.  So we'll see what happens.

Ah, progress, I think  :P


Friday, January 4, 2013

if at first...

The holidays had cigarettes in them, and I succumbed during the season.  But I've started again, and today is so far my 3rd day without tobacco.  If at first ya~ yea, agreed.  :P

So many blurays in my season.  Notable additions to my collection are the starwars complete saga and the alien anthology.  There's a few others, but that's the gist.  My bro gifted me with a used gba sp (with brighter screen) in graphite, to replace my beat up pearl blue one with very poor shoulder button control.  Other than that, I purchased a budget program, You Need A Budget (YNAB).  I set it up with what I had in my checking, and have since added a few bills and goals and debts, oh and an actual paycheck as of today.

I'm looking forward to building a checking account balance, while this YNAB keeps track of what money's for what.  This is definitely what I was needing to proceed with my plans, including moving into my own apartment --(this year 2013 possibly).

Oh and today was interesting, tho I didn't have to work.  I had to go to an orientation at Court for my first day of Jury duty, as I was summoned for that recently.  (I blame my brother, had to talk me into voting for the past 2 elections, haha).  I decided I'd attempt to be excused/waived from that duty, and just go with the flow, and do it the best I could, if I had to.  Talked to the judge, explained I had schizophrenia, been on meds a while, but have still been hospitalized [while on meds].  He had no problem excusing me from serving the jury duty.  So, that was definitely interesting.

The biggest bummer at the moment, is I was itching to try a new digital art program that is supposed to do well at simulating real art tools/paints and such, but alas, my ideal budget right now tells me that has to wait.

I'm ok tho, in the name of my future  :)

Alright, so what else, I'm still alive and 'doing something, somewhere'.