Monday, May 6, 2013

and i'll keep posting

I hope we survive a bit longer.

More in practical terms, I've been thinking of what I can do with whatever little bit of power I have in this world.  With what money i have to 'dispose' of.  This YNAB (You Need A Budget) software has been helping me quite a bit, and I've been keeping my finances abiding to the terms I put in every 2 weeks or so.  I've really made great strides in paying off my debts.  In the span of something less than 6 months, I see myself moving forward with 2 debts to work with.  A personal loan from a friend that I should not have accepted, neither here nor there, I suppose, and my student loan from attending ITT Tech, which I should not have attended (graduated 4.0 with valedictorian status, and nothing in the way of that career to show for it).  Well, the personal loan was also in that direction, to get my A+ certification, which I studied for and paid to take the two exams, and passed em both, and am now A+ certified for the rest of my life, before the deadline took place, making those certs last only 2 years.  Yippee...  again, I don't have a career in that field, so i guess its a flashy card in my wallet now.  Money is so strange, makes ppl do the darndest things.

I have finished saving the sum of money agreed upon between my ex-wife and I for the divorce, and she'll be visiting this coming weekend to get my financial portion in the form of a check.  Maybe I should feel guilty for not doing the grunt work for the divorce myself?  meh, it started with her asking me to pay the majority of it, and it may or may not come to that.  Divorce by publication seems to be the avenue we're going.  Perhaps I'm beyond guilt anyway with that adventure.

Hey, what do you know, I remember where I was going.  This YNAB software is really helping me  :)  I've recently been crunching numbers about how my current income from a humble food service job can sustain myself when I finally move out.  I'll be pursuing Section 8, is my plan, and it appears I can make it work.  I plan on getting to the point (sooner, rather than later) of being ahead of my debts, so that I am allocating my future rent/living expenses as my Emergency fund (minus what I am paying my father for room/board now).  After moving out on my own, I wanna keep a trickle of 25/per paycheck going into emergency fund, and such and such etc's.

Oh yea, this is where I was going:  So starting from most recent budget homework, I've started a charity category within my budget.  If I can keep it up, at the rate I am starting at now, it's just 10 bux per paycheck (20 dollars/month).  But how does one decide how to use such funds?  This is where I am now...  I'm not worried about being lazy, so long as I keep it up, the funds will be there to disperse as I choose and when I choose.  Part of my thinking is keep the charity funds local, like within my community.  I'm not involved with any church/religion or such.  Donating within a global context is an option.  I dunno.  But this is now a concern of mine, as to how to work my budget to survive on my own for the remainder of my life (hey, i am only 33 :P) and also be able to direct what power (see: money) into the world as would fit my life's cares or whatnot.

Ok then, how'd I type so much?  ah, the mysteries  :P


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