Wednesday, May 29, 2013

for my purposes of admitting im lazy...

"hey, i'm lazy?!"

right, well, that's what i'm fixing to work on.

So this is just a quick update, if for nothing else, than to try to hold myself more accountable to myself.  I have a basic and pretty simple plan to implement, but i've been slacking at least the past 2 days on it.  Maybe I could say I was sidetracked as an excuse, with computer project.  In the process of encrypting everything, i guess for the same reason I tend to use more so than  And complications came, so I formatted my system partition of desktop and reinstalled windows 7 the other night.  No worries, I like fresh starts, and my computer deserved some loving.  Which is also why I upgraded it with a couple harddrives and a nicer working card reader.

Dangit, I'm supposed to be holding myself accountable here, and I tangentially excuse myself by rambling.  Ok, so the plan.

I want to do At Least one (or more) of the following items every day:

1)meditate (i'd like to do at least 30 minutes, if i go this route)
2)draw a picture (however long that takes, even if I don't finish it in one sitting/day)
3)a contact juggling practice session (at least 1hr for this option)

This idea took shape by wanting to feel more productive and/or satisfied with how i spend each day.  There's tons of other stuff I could add, but I fer sure would want to iron out this basic foundation before complicating things.

Other items that may be added to pass more quality time, would be reading (fiction or nonfiction, hah, could be two categories/items for those), and playing video games.  I could retire right now and finish my life just playing games I already own.

I guess in the scheme of things, at this point, I'm trying to implement a budget for time, as my budget for finances has taught me a bit about managing that, which, as they say time is money, should be able to help me with time too.

Things could be worse, but I'll think them getting better.


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