Saturday, June 22, 2013

portraiture in time

did i use that word correctly ?  go ahead, correct me, I dare ya  :P

Well, I came across an idea, so I can't claim it as my own thought, but I'll use it however, cuz I resonated well with it.  At the same time, I found a way to use some more of my charity funds.  These beauties:

But wait, its charity?  Yes, the thoughtform as I have adapted goes like:

    I carry around one or more (tho I like the idea of one at a time) in a pocket, and whenever I feel like letting it go, I leave it around wherever and whenever I choose.  Subtly being to my liking.  I haven't been remembering lately at the start of my days, tho maybe this post will help.  So far, I pocketed a nice little rose quartz and it had its own mind of where/when to part ways, as I have no idea what happened to it....  beautiful  :)

But charity?  My simple version of the thought is that finding a pretty polished stone may brighten someone's day or something like that.

Ok, I'll go ahead and balance the charity with -vanity-(?) i guess.  I have little clue how to sport this yet, but the idea of having a bracelet (a men's bracelet at least), just for the sake of having a bracelet on my wrist, has played at the back of my mind for some time now.  So I went ahead and took the plunge!  haha

Here's a representation of it:

Found it to be a fairly cheap way to satisfy that mental itch, and found it at while browsing.  Ok, what else...

I have been meditating more regularly the past few weeks or so, then ever I have in my life's recollection.  So that's good, maybe vain, but I was already displaying that, wasn't I?

Pssht, lemme stop...

till next time,


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