Thursday, July 18, 2013

is this simplifying? surely its a step, if slow...

From my previous plan, it's, at this point, trying to cement a daily meditation session within my life/days.  I feel like I'm moving in the direction i'd like to, however slowly.  Meditating more so, has got me thinking of myself and stuff as they relate to each other.  In simplifying, I'm finding the meaninglessness of excessive 'stuff', and I'm looking for what's left when that 'stuff' is removed, at least within my mind.  Surely, I am not my 'stuff.'  Somewhat of a negative perspective, I'm not left with so much in this thinking.  A more optimistic angle would be more freedom, seeing myself as unencumbered and/or bound when considering 'stuff/things'.

I am not, nor do I see myself, evolving towards getting rid of what I already own, but I'll probably spend more time/meditation in these considerations.  Some thoughts of returning [to myself] to enjoy life, are basically summed up in a visualization of sitting along some body of water, on grass, with nature.  Some possibilities to just enjoy time, such as going to the theater, visiting the library, walking around the mall, don't really resonate with me.  I guess, I really miss nature.  Maybe I should plant an idea somewhere in my mind to move back to the country some where/time.  I know I enjoy mountains more so than coast, as far as that thinking goes.

Well, more to the 'here and now,' I'm really enjoying vaping, as what I had previously known as e-cigs.  Guess I was out of the loop with the whole evolution of this technology 'till now.  I don't plan to try to cut back on the nicotine any time soon, as my last attempts at doing that with my earlier 'ecigs' failed last I tried. Today is day 9 of no real tobacco, and vs. the last tobacco-free stretch of 6 weeks, I have not cheated at all with actual tobacco.

and that's what i'll say, and [    ]'s what i won't  :P

but i'll say this, too:


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