Saturday, August 17, 2013

"then do something about it"

so what, it was fun


i'll go with lack i guess


lack of inspired

somewhat accurate i think  :|


Saturday, August 10, 2013

this whole idea of having a blog is something of a trip i think

today is what... like...  31 days i think.  And being past midnight, I think I can say I've been tobacco free for a whole month now, and no cheating!  Yippee.

what a worthless post this is or will be...  no direction, just blah.

Well, guess i'll update for the heck of it.

I backed out of that Host position after being trained for it and doing it one day.  Not my cup of tea.  To use some words from my therapist, I think I'll continue to value being "low key".  Nothing wrong with that right?  I mean, like, if I were going around expressing myself all the time, I'd just be condensing potentialities into little points and such, and I'd be imperceptible to the Void....  and really, who needs that?

I keep 'not acting' tho, which I am unsure how I feel about.  Like in this moment, I have a perfectly vague idea for a piece of artwork, and I'm sitting here typing instead of drawing.  I may actually condense that idea into this blog soon, maybe, via that ArtRage 4 which I did purchase.

I'm not doing enough, me thinks, but then I question, what do I need to do?  Such questions such as in the existence direction have I presently.

Well, I am so enjoying this vaping.  Currently smoking Organic Naked Vanilla and Organic Kona Velvet Milkshake from, which is all fine and good and stuffs.  And I've just placed a new order for Mint Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich also from

As finances go, I made a few phone calls, and the 2 debts i was saving for currently, just... simply... don't exist now.  so.  I took those funds that I had saved and pre-ordered a ps4.  And I'm #lookingatthebrightside and I think preordering a ps4 is a better purchase than 4 kewl new watches, or some such logic was actually used there....

where am I anyway...  why am I here?

at least I don't have any qualms about death after all this is said and done  :)

so till next time,