Saturday, December 7, 2013

this is at some priority

where free time [should] be wasted time [should] be spent wisely

~video games~

i have issues with motivation in starting a game up


i have issues with keeping going in a storyline


i have adhd of focus on ~just one~


so, here's where I am...  most interesting prospect is sticking with Dragon Quest 8 (seen here)

with a few nightly escapades in Fatal Frame (here)

both of which would be played on my somewhat freshly modified PS2, tho both games I actually own

"arg, but ye used to be a pirate, matey!"

so I've matured maybe ? hah ?

slightly less tugged toward mass effect on a ps3, (when i'm in that room, and not into streaming video content) and some more on the indie side, such as The Cave (also ps3), which is very kewl, at least with a second player playing with me...

so...  I think I'm just REALLY lazy, I can't even waste time well...  lets go for pushing my DQ8 playtime to 10 hours tonight, eh?  "YOU CAN DO IT"

and either way...

~peace~  :P

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