Tuesday, December 9, 2014

progress or something, i think

"well golly gee"

I've been free of nicotine for like over a week now.  I stopped keeping track really, but I am sure, over a week now, without any nicotine.  No cigs, no ecigs, no gum, no lozenges, no nicotine.  I did get sick, and I still feel under the weather.  Ended up taking a day off of work initially, I kinda hate doing that.  But the brightside is indeed quite bright.

Maybe its time to update my vices.  Coffee and tea will be a mainstay I foresee.  Maybe explore the territory of sugar-free gum  :P.  There's this one I came across on an ASMR youtube video, airwaves, I think, by wrigley's.  You can get like menthol flavored chewing gum, maybe work for a vice for a time.  I think you can get it on amazon, apparently its a European 'product' I think I found when looking into it a whiles back.

So I'm roughly 35mins into Frozen, 32mins into Guardians of the Galaxy, 28mins into Frequencies.  About 180 pages into 'A Discovery of Witches', and charging my refurbed Nook HD+, so I can maybe resume my exploration into Magick.  What to do, what to do.  Oh, right, laundry  :)

flipside, and back:


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"oh man, he's gonna love this"

I'm so jealous, but I'm gonna leave the shrink wrap on it for now :).

Brother's b-day gift.  He's gonna love it.


Monday, August 4, 2014

little of this, little of that

some words kinda get hooked and anchor at points in my consciousness some times, of the myriad mind space it can be at times.


I'm working on my 'spaces.'  Cleaning has turned to organizing and back and back again.  My spaces are becoming more well ordered, which brings up "form" and "funciton."  Perhaps everything will find a neat little place when i'm finished.  Well, perhaps I'll never be finished, and it'll ingrain itself into becoming part of my lifestyle.  Not averse to that possibility.

My 'information' presence is quickly becoming evident to need an overhaul as well.  So I'm in the planning stages of that one.  I'd like to define a line between online and offline, and have an efficient enough crossover, to be less, rather than more.

just to throw another 'word' into this blog -- "spaces" necessarily brings to mind "sacred" which I may just let settle for a while and see what may come in future moments of "sacred" "spaces"

I think once I have a handle on my niche both in terms of physical and informational space/orginization/form/function, I'll be in a better position to start that "spending time wisely" thing.

thus, I'm pondering that once the space thing resolves itself into order, I could better focus on what brings me joy, such things as:

and whatever else i may inspire to do

thank goodness for 'offline' i guess


Thursday, July 24, 2014

...as hard as...

update / short

~today is 4 days without ecigs

~last tobacco smoked on april 21st, this year (that's roughly 3 months ago now i believe)

~i replaced a leather wallet with a fabric/velcro one

~i've converted from a leather belt, also to a fabric/webbed belt

~i foresee lots of tea in the near future

~i still have to quit the nicotine lozenges now, in the foreseeable future


...~peace  :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

could be simpler... maybe

or maybe not?

maybe next time i'll tell you how my garden grows

'till then, plz


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

it all just seems... "too productive"

Anyhow, just a picture.

as of:  5/7/2014
two tomato plants:


peace  :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

where am i... oh here

currently on the docket, i want to cut out ecigs completely...  tomorrow?  maybe right now...

Well, some time late last year, i quit tobacco for roughly 4.5 months, but kept enjoying the electronic alternative, but I slid pretty easily back into the real thing..  I am well enough stocked right now with nicotine lozenges, which is the tool i choose this time, so, no more ecigs, yar!..  been off the tobacco now for, umm, today is day #8.  It's better than nothing, but now i wanna cut out the ecigs ASAP.

Where else am I?  Well, I was inspired to get an xbox one some time last year, when I saw a preview video of xbox fitness on it, which is essentially workout videos with instant feedback.  So I think I delved into that persuasion some time in March this year.  I am convinced it wasn't a wasted expense, as I'm working out nowadays more regularly than probably ever i have.  sometime into that direction, I got a simple pedometer, so I'm becoming more aware of my steps during the day, even taking walks sometimes to jack up my daily count  :)

what else...  I was inspired to search for 'calorie counters' on my cell phone, and did some brief research, and chose MyFitnessPal, which has been working quite well,  I'm going for a modest goal of losing 1 lb per week, with a goal of losing 60 lbs.  More than a year's worth of work, but its just another baby step in the scheme of things.

I am now saving what i can to invest in a nice blender, with the plan being to blend veggies, and prolly some fruit too, to have a thermos of some sort of veggie/fruit/healthy smoothie type thing for the good part of my days.  My money is getting tighter it seems, but that's ok, I haven't cheated and swiped anything from my charity funds, so that type of budget thing is working well enough.  I'm also saving a reasonable portion of my wages in a 401K.  I started way late, but I'm on a path to retire comfortably, possibly.

Time seems to be changing as I'm getting older.  In some aspects, slowing down, and in other aspects speeding up.  Maybe that's what's supposed to happen.  Longer short terms and shorter long terms.  Heh, that's an interesting thought.

Anything else?  I'm still good at wasting time, and I still desire to start spending more time on worthwhile (to me) things.

Baby steps, that's all...  progress is pretty kewl after all  :)

Till next time,


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'll plead for an ingenius comment :)

I got this doo-hickey for my brother, and there's a flaw, in my opinion, I'd like to figure out how to resolve if anyone has come across a solution:


Got this for him (a wtf why not gift, i guess) and loaded up a 2gb sd card with, erm, the genesis collection, hehe.  But the problem is, it doesn't support game saves, like at least when the system is powered down.  So if you have come across a way to implement game saves, lemme know plz.  Or if you come across a solution later, plz remember this post, and return with an ingenius comment  :)

well, its a post with a purpose, right?


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

prelude continued-

I do love this dream.

And a certain charm to this Krita app.  ( http://kritastudio.com/krita.html )

till next time,


Friday, March 21, 2014

no, i don't 'twerk'

but i've been persuaded recently to start perking  :)

I purchased 2 Kyocera Event's at radio shack for about 20 bucks each on a sale.  With each phone, I nabbed 6 months of netflix service.  So initially, or longterm, however you look at it, I'll be saving roughly 96 dollars over a year with netflix (service, which I've already been subcribed to for some time).  Then the perking is an app that streams movie/app trailers, whereas u get rewards (perks) to watch/stream commercials effectively.  If you have an android device(s) (edit: or iOS device) that idles and charges on a daily basis some, u may as well get to perking some yourself.  Oh, and fer sure, sign up using my referal link plz  :)  :


I finally got around to rooting these two kyocera's, and they are the first two android devices I've rooted.  I do like projects from time to time.  I'm roughly estimating 2 dollars/day in amazon credit/tender with this setup.  And i'm hoping I can start spending less and saving more, with this passive side project, as well as getting my materialistic fix every now and then.

Next project on my list is getting spotify streaming into my [leisure room].  Once I get around to it, and assuming it works, I'll be able to control the spotify app on my pc, via my samsung android phone, and then stream that spotify music from my pc to my ps3, which would send the musical drugs of choice to my tv, which have a line out to some decent logitech computer speakers (2.1 THX thangs).

Where was I, oh, i think its about time to get back to 'that game'.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

just 'is'

slight case of clarity breaking my heart.

-human condition

good to know i can feel...  tho the idea of curruption doesn't even irk me right now

just breaking my heart

guess in my recent terms, this would be one layer

what to do?

that's a bit unclear

i don't regret this feeling tho...

think i'll relish a bit our sad state of affairs...