Friday, March 21, 2014

no, i don't 'twerk'

but i've been persuaded recently to start perking  :)

I purchased 2 Kyocera Event's at radio shack for about 20 bucks each on a sale.  With each phone, I nabbed 6 months of netflix service.  So initially, or longterm, however you look at it, I'll be saving roughly 96 dollars over a year with netflix (service, which I've already been subcribed to for some time).  Then the perking is an app that streams movie/app trailers, whereas u get rewards (perks) to watch/stream commercials effectively.  If you have an android device(s) (edit: or iOS device) that idles and charges on a daily basis some, u may as well get to perking some yourself.  Oh, and fer sure, sign up using my referal link plz  :)  :

I finally got around to rooting these two kyocera's, and they are the first two android devices I've rooted.  I do like projects from time to time.  I'm roughly estimating 2 dollars/day in amazon credit/tender with this setup.  And i'm hoping I can start spending less and saving more, with this passive side project, as well as getting my materialistic fix every now and then.

Next project on my list is getting spotify streaming into my [leisure room].  Once I get around to it, and assuming it works, I'll be able to control the spotify app on my pc, via my samsung android phone, and then stream that spotify music from my pc to my ps3, which would send the musical drugs of choice to my tv, which have a line out to some decent logitech computer speakers (2.1 THX thangs).

Where was I, oh, i think its about time to get back to 'that game'.


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