Wednesday, April 30, 2014

where am i... oh here

currently on the docket, i want to cut out ecigs completely...  tomorrow?  maybe right now...

Well, some time late last year, i quit tobacco for roughly 4.5 months, but kept enjoying the electronic alternative, but I slid pretty easily back into the real thing..  I am well enough stocked right now with nicotine lozenges, which is the tool i choose this time, so, no more ecigs, yar!..  been off the tobacco now for, umm, today is day #8.  It's better than nothing, but now i wanna cut out the ecigs ASAP.

Where else am I?  Well, I was inspired to get an xbox one some time last year, when I saw a preview video of xbox fitness on it, which is essentially workout videos with instant feedback.  So I think I delved into that persuasion some time in March this year.  I am convinced it wasn't a wasted expense, as I'm working out nowadays more regularly than probably ever i have.  sometime into that direction, I got a simple pedometer, so I'm becoming more aware of my steps during the day, even taking walks sometimes to jack up my daily count  :)

what else...  I was inspired to search for 'calorie counters' on my cell phone, and did some brief research, and chose MyFitnessPal, which has been working quite well,  I'm going for a modest goal of losing 1 lb per week, with a goal of losing 60 lbs.  More than a year's worth of work, but its just another baby step in the scheme of things.

I am now saving what i can to invest in a nice blender, with the plan being to blend veggies, and prolly some fruit too, to have a thermos of some sort of veggie/fruit/healthy smoothie type thing for the good part of my days.  My money is getting tighter it seems, but that's ok, I haven't cheated and swiped anything from my charity funds, so that type of budget thing is working well enough.  I'm also saving a reasonable portion of my wages in a 401K.  I started way late, but I'm on a path to retire comfortably, possibly.

Time seems to be changing as I'm getting older.  In some aspects, slowing down, and in other aspects speeding up.  Maybe that's what's supposed to happen.  Longer short terms and shorter long terms.  Heh, that's an interesting thought.

Anything else?  I'm still good at wasting time, and I still desire to start spending more time on worthwhile (to me) things.

Baby steps, that's all...  progress is pretty kewl after all  :)

Till next time,


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