Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"oh man, he's gonna love this"

I'm so jealous, but I'm gonna leave the shrink wrap on it for now :).

Brother's b-day gift.  He's gonna love it.


Monday, August 4, 2014

little of this, little of that

some words kinda get hooked and anchor at points in my consciousness some times, of the myriad mind space it can be at times.


I'm working on my 'spaces.'  Cleaning has turned to organizing and back and back again.  My spaces are becoming more well ordered, which brings up "form" and "funciton."  Perhaps everything will find a neat little place when i'm finished.  Well, perhaps I'll never be finished, and it'll ingrain itself into becoming part of my lifestyle.  Not averse to that possibility.

My 'information' presence is quickly becoming evident to need an overhaul as well.  So I'm in the planning stages of that one.  I'd like to define a line between online and offline, and have an efficient enough crossover, to be less, rather than more.

just to throw another 'word' into this blog -- "spaces" necessarily brings to mind "sacred" which I may just let settle for a while and see what may come in future moments of "sacred" "spaces"

I think once I have a handle on my niche both in terms of physical and informational space/orginization/form/function, I'll be in a better position to start that "spending time wisely" thing.

thus, I'm pondering that once the space thing resolves itself into order, I could better focus on what brings me joy, such things as:

and whatever else i may inspire to do

thank goodness for 'offline' i guess