Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Let's state some intentions!

     Things were looking up, but I think the underlying lack of satisfying life situations is attempting to thwart my efforts.  Looking at it from a certain angle, its laziness and lack of motivation and failing at life.  This is one angle, I think.  But I think there is a valid reason.  I'm in a brain-dead job, working in food services for the umpteenth time, and it is not fulfilling.  Nor would any job I think i'd find myself in at this rate.  It's not lack of intelligence, I have intelligence when I am applying myself.  So let's let that be an underlying focus for this adventure I am looking to make as my next phase of 'life'.

     I'd like to earn a few income streams on my own terms.  By applying my intelligence and creativity, and the internet.  I've dabbled in things, most recently, swagbucks.com and perk.com, which is ok for chump change, in the form of Amazon credits or Barnes and Noble credits.  (there's lots of other rewards, but those are what i typically use).

     It may not be so acceptable an idea with some, but one idea I have is to start selling my blood plasma.  I'm healthy enough, I think, so that could be an easy way to start upon this anti-9to5 lifestyle.  Another option I'm looking into is Leapforce, which is kind of a typical job, but online, work-from-home type.  I think I could handle a regimen of anything between 10-30 hours a week with something like that.  Yet another option is Mturk which I've heard about plenty of times, but have not ever really attempted before.

     Hypothetically speaking, I think I could eek out an existence / survival at my current life situation (living with parents on the cheap) at minimum of 350 bux, per month.  I'll just be guestimating numbers, but such an estimation in my mind, possibly 200 bux per month from plasma, along with 5 dollars a day from the likes of mturk, and i could survive.  Just a guesstimating example, but its just a start, as I'll also be looking into (giving shots) the likes of Leapforce, as well as blogging, and some other ideas, that, right now, interest me greatly.

     Two ideas of the creative bent, are to take up regular practice of my old contact juggling hobby, as well as much more actively pursue my artistic interests, however amateurish they may be  :P.  Make a daily (more or less) log of these pursuits, and post my progression on the wonderful web.  :)

     It may take lots of time to earn from such creative endeavors, but oh how fulfilling and satisfying such pursuits would be, to incorporate into my life.  I may only scrape by for a time, and not have any money for games or books, aside from what my android gadgets net me in Amazon or B&N credits, but who the heck cares if I'd be enjoying my life!  Such excitement, entertaining these ideas allows.  There has to be more than nonsense nestled in these intentions.

     So, I intend to...  enjoy life while living it my way / little by little  :)

oh, and i enjoyed this  :)  :

yar and ~peace~

Monday, February 8, 2016

well, a blog post is on my schedule...

Well, things are looking up.  I'm fixing my attendance thing at work.  I am dieting and exercising every day like.  (lost 6.5 lbs in about 2 weeks i think now)  I am meditating every day.  Getting back into my tai chi studies.  I'm generally taking better care of myself lately.  I got an awesome weekly planner, in which i can pick goals to focus on, and work them into my 'free'-time.

I still need to work on enjoying my free time.  Namely, I'd like to read fiction a bit more regularly as well as spend more regular time with video games.

Well, I guess that's an update for now.  Maybe i'll fit more blogging into my schedule in the near future.  We'll see.

Till next time:  ~peace~