Monday, May 30, 2016

challenges #1

There is a looming challenge coming up that I want to approach with focus and clarity.  It does not really require much from me, in a sense, but it's the beginning of a new life chapter, that I would like to approach with proper mindful awareness.

I am losing a close friend.  In a way, at least.  I've mentioned doing the divorce thing w/my ex-wife.  We did get a divorce.  However, we have remained good friends.  Actually, I think our relationship has grown more so as platonic friends over the past ~6 years or so, than even when we were dating and married.  We have both offered support to each other when needed, emotional, financial, and as constructive advice and such.   I love her and she is a wonderful person, as she has said the same to me, and I hope this next chapter in our lives will see growth and success for each of us.

She is moving cross country from here (east coast) to California, out west.  She is making the trip June 17, which is so close.  She will be moving in with her eldest daughter initially.  She tried making me promise to visit her sometime out there.  I didn't exactly agree/promise, but did say I may visit her after she gets on her feet and has her own place.  She also intends to visit here, during our upcoming new chapters of our lives.

But in a real way, I am losing a dear friend who I spend many a weekend time hanging out with, movie, book store, netflix, restaurants, just ya know, enjoying life with.  I don't have many friends, actually, none other in near vicinity to hang out with on a semi-regular basis, that I have kept up with.  But, its a new chapter after all.  Time for growth and positive change, I hope.

I think what I need to be aware of and keep in mind, is to do things I enjoy, and be open to new experiences, perhaps hanging out with someone new, maybe even a date with someone new, here and/or there.

I don't fear this very near life-change, and I venture to say, I am near to excited to try out this new freedom of time, I will soon gain.

Well, that's my challenge #1.  I'll post again with who knows what.  (Well, I do have a general idea for the next post, but you're just gonna have to wait and read it then!  :) )

~peace be with you friends  :)


  1. Sorry to hear and I hope it works out, making friends is more difficult the older we get!

  2. thanks. makes life interesting tho, i'm banking on. i think its best we put the distance between us and grow apart. we'll see what's next