Thursday, May 19, 2016

old school and new ?

Finally, I got around to getting me this:

I started digging this chick when I found her Visions album.  And she released this Art Angels on cassette, so it just fit, having added a decent cassette deck to my system.  I haven't even broken through the 'shrink wrap' yet, but I'll be giving it a play through this evening.  Excited  :)

As well, I happened into a local thrift store and picked up two cd's, shelling out $2.10.  I've enjoyed both artists before, so I hope they don't skip or anything.  Here's 'da pics':

Sheryl Crow and Jewel, from my earlier life, hehe, and Grimes since latish 2015 I believe.  Woot.

Also to note, for the past two days, I've burned an audio cd in the morning, for a listen to/from work/around.  Interesting interests regaining engagement of late.  I love it.  Ok, that's my post.  :)


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