Thursday, May 26, 2016

reflections and observations #1

A new type/post I am adding, because it occurred to me as fitting.

when small becomes phenomenal,
big can become small...
and slow can happen at the speed of thought

This morning during meditation, I had a thought/reflection (yes, i try to keep thinking to a minimal, and when it happens, I focus on letting it dissolve and settle) about hooking my brother up with a display case for surge, an old soda/pop that has a fanbase type resurgence, of which he is a fan.  He is thrilled about it, as I couldn't keep it a secret until he visits this Memorial Day weekend.  I'll include a pic.  Anyway, this thought, during meditation was very positive, and I found my inner smile.  Back in my first round [during/shortly after] college of the meditation/chi practice, I had come across an Inner Smile meditation, as a way of opening up the energy channels inside the body, allowing chi better circulation.  But this morning, it occurred spontaneously and naturally, which is new.  (I'll include a picture of the book I learned this Inner Smile within).  So this is incredibly kewl in my opinion.  I think I had another reflection this morning, but now I can't recall, so we'll save it for 'reflections #3' maybe  :).

So lemme get those pictures!  :)

^The display^...  And the book...

Sorry, I cleverly included a snapshot of items too  :P.  This is the second copy of this book I have owned, as its one of those I intend to utilize again, with intentional certainty  :).

Ok, hope u enjoyed this post!

have a ~peaceful day

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