Thursday, May 5, 2016

revisiting inspiration in a more serious tone

     I've recently found myself in [another] depressed mode.  I've been working with the [professionals] and have, as of last Thursday, returned to my job, still food service, in a hospital.  I've been good about keeping my doctors' and therapist's appointments, including group therapy, quite well, during the last month or 2'ish.  I couldn't see from my vantage point how group therapy would help, although I was quite aware that it was outside of my comfort zone, which deep down, I figure I knew that meant it was positive.
     Well, last Thursday and Friday consisted of pushing myself to return to work, although the "welcome back's" were nice.  But as of this recent Monday, I've actually noticed amazing progress in issues of social anxiety.  Monday and Wednesday were simply amazing, using people's names and being more open and friendly.  My one-on-one therapy session yesterday after work, was very positive, as my therapist said I have made a breakthrough.  He confided in me a tad more 'life information' that he said I wasn't ready for before, but am now.  And today, (Thursday), I further noticed myself stopping in hallways and making small talk.  OMG, me?  smalltalk?  I fear its a brave new world out there, full of potential possibilities.  :P

     Ok, I didn't mean to express myself in the above way, but I had an idea for a blog post I wanted to share, and I am starting back scheduling my activities in a daily planner, and a blog post was one of this evening's scheduled activities.

     Ok, on to what I had originally planned to share  :)

I have been pruning my humble book collection of late (upcoming neighborhood yardsale), and wanted to share the books that I am planning to invest a more serious approach to.  So first up, and in order of camera flashes:

I spent last weekend practicing the initial 7 core warm-ups in this book, to approach my workout routine with a "head start" on Monday.  The plan is to practice exercises in this book on M-W-F, adding additional exercises within gradually, as I want to reshape my physique (as I choose).  So Monday, success, I did it.  Along with that, I'm planning to use our very old and very effective exercise bike as aerobic workouts on Tuesday and Thursday and both weekend days (which I did do today :) ).  I actually owned this book in college, but was less serious (or too high  :/).  Garsh, it seems to be out of print, and I snagged a used copy from amazon, with some help from my freebie amazon gift cards (see or  (or use my referal links and get a smiley  :).  ( and/or

Ok, on to the next item:

I've read this book countless times and am currently reading it every few days (a passage at a time).  It is based on informal talks given by Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki to a small meditation group in Los Altos, California (via: inside flap information).  I've always had no problems acquiring a paper back whenever I was without a copy, and have often left them purposely in some suitably subtle (see: pseudo random) location for whatever stranger to happen to then acquire it.  I now own the ebook version, as well as this hardback edition.  This book was suggested by a psychology professor when I invested [time] in college, who mentored me, i guess about life, if nothing else.  He considered himself a Buddhist for ~30 years at the time.  Anyway, I plan to own this hardback edition for the foreseeable future, and read it until I die.

So yes, I've resumed my meditation practice, and I consider this essential for my success in life.  If you'd like to try out meditation practice for the first time or [yet again], I strongly recommend the aforementioned book as well as a quality zafu and zabuton.  My two cents  :)

I'd like to mention one more book, being the same as I had in college and a time afterwards but lost [ages?] ago.  It just arrived today from Barnes and Noble online store, and is also hardback.  (if you are inspired to look into it, its new online from B&N for ~15 whereas its like 25 bucks in a retail B&N. --heads up)  Anyway, it is the following book:

I don't really have much I want to say about it, but I am ecstatic to get into these rich pages yet again.

So.  There it is, my blog post for 5/5/2016  :)  [check]

And ~peace~ be with you.


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