Tuesday, May 31, 2016

upgrades for refinery #1

Ebay/USPS and Amazon/UPS are hooking me up on the same day, today.  Some fortuitous synchronicity for me today, wooT!  :)

In the vein of utility, form and function, I'm finally upgrading my mouse.  Sort of.  I had a Logitech MX 518 for many years, and I was very happy with it, cord and all.  But it started having issues some months back.  It would just randomly go dead on my PC (all input stopped).  Different USB ports wouldn't help, and the only solution was rebooting my PC.  It took some time before I decided it may be the mouse malfunctioning, and tried a spare/backup Logitech corded mouse I had on hand.  Problem solved, so I'm thinking it was some sort of short with the USB connection, dunno more than that.  But this spare mouse I've been using has been a bit frustrating, namely with no back/forward buttons.  I've had my eye on this particular mouse I chose for a good while.  So I finally took the plunge for an upgrade (via ebay.com).  I also ordered an actual mouse pad for my proper upgrade, and went with this one from SteelSeries.  I haven't had an actual mouse pad in so many years, so these two upgrades ought to refine my PC experience quite well, indeed.  So I'll share some pictures, because I have to justify this neglected Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR camera some time before I die  :P.

I was contemplating a 'gaming mouse' for this upgrade, but really, my needs are very much more just computer operation and functions for that, with gaming as an aside.  Sure my PC is up to task for any gaming, but I primarily get my enjoyment out of creating, I am starting to realize.  (blog, art, random suchnesses  :) ).  I'm quite sure there will be genuine enjoyment at times in my life to come, of the gaming inclinations, but priorities/reality led to me going with this Logitech MX Master.  Huh, magnetic closure for the front cover in packaging, nice touch!  I'll prolly trash the packaging, but, its cooler than velcro, hehe.

And pad has arrived, now!  Not much to say, a large flattish mouse pad, and my day is good!

And here's my upgrade in its new home/duties:

thx 4 visiting  :)
and as I say, ~peace


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    1. yes, i've got some programmable buttons I'm experimenting with, and a thumb wheel to boot. trying thumb wheel as application switcher. and the top scroll wheel has a function where you can flick it and it coasts a while if ur scrolling far down/up a page. glides like butter with the pad/mouse, compared to what I'm used to. liking it so far!