Sunday, May 22, 2016

weekly health update #3

It's that time.  Kinda tough waiting till Sunday for a weigh-in, but its building character  :P.  I weighed myself twice today.  Once, in the same attire as the previous 2 weigh-ins, and again in workout attire, which I think I wanna start using.  (to be more accurate I think).  So first in 'grass cutting' attire, so we can compare this week with last's.  :)

So last week was 229.5 lbs, which is 5 friggin pounds in a week y'allz!  Oh hell yesh, hehe, lemme calm down.  The more accurate weigh-in without all the clothes/boots/EDC items is as follows:

This is basically, sneaks, socks, light shorts, t-shirt, no other items, except like glasses and wristwatch.  So I am now at 220 lbs.  I haven't even shared any goals for my weightloss with you here, but I did make and write down goals for this.  The overall goal at this point, is to get myself down to 180 lbs by this year's end.  A couple closer goals are first passing a friend who's at 217, last he checked, and shortly thereafter, passing my dad who is at 210.  I am total confidence  ;).  After those goals, the ideal weight/goal I entered into myfitnesspal(.com) that I use to track calories is 150 lbs.  I dunno if I'll reach that, namely because I plan to build my muscle mass up some so 150 may evolve into a generally more ideal and healthy goal.  Ok, what else.

I'll see about a recap.  For food/diet, I had a little junk food on Monday evening, because someone from my group gave me a cup cake.  I had two servings (1 cup each) of macaroni salad (mention this, because I'm working at cutting down on carbs).  As well, I had 2 slices of whole grain bread last night as part of my dinner.  Overall tho, I am doing pretty good at keeping track of what calories I consume each day.  More healthy food too, like salad and soup and such.

For working out, I failed (see: skipped) 2 days, one day each of dynamic strength and aerobic exercise.  For the rest, I've been progressing steadily.  I've added a pushup variation (see: easy/knees) to my strength days as well as concentrated sit-ups.  Well, to be accurate, I've also added a shoulder roll I am unsure if I mentioned.  So its 7 core warmup exercises, as well as 3 supplemental exercises now.  For the aerobic, I've been able to push myself 20 minutes on the bike on 2 of the days, but this morning I cut it short to 15 minutes, because my right foot started going numb, and I was slightly worried about 'pushing through it'.

I've upgraded the living environment a bit, which is the saving grace to my missing 2 workouts.  Parents went out of town for the weekend, so I took the opportunity to clean the family room (w/tv in it) and the front room (formal living room).  I moved the exercise bike into the front room, which will be primarily for workout out now, as well as a small stereo system (with cd / tuner / cassette capability).  Mom and dad both agreed to the changes, so I jumped on it, as soon as mom got on board with the idea.  Mom 'says' she will use the bike too (Lord, I hope so), but she wants to use it in the family room to watch tv when she rides it.  And I'm quite sure dad will use it now too, as its in a very ideal location now (vs hot sticky messy garage hehe).  And when mom is ready, there's space to easily roll the bike from front room to family room and back, for her.  (it even has wheels for that, hehe).

Aaaaaand, meditation I guess.  I am doing it.  I recently purchased a 2 lb bag of buckwheat hulls to plump up my zafu (the cushion u sit ur rump on, hehe).  It went a bit flat a long time ago, when I removed the filling, so I could wash the zafu, and lost a lot of the filling, in the process of removing it and trying to put it back in.  So I finally got that issue straightened out, which is just superb.  I'm also starting to add the zazen to my morning routine before work.  So ideally, I'll reach a point, perhaps soon, where I am consistently meditating twice a day, morning and evening.  That's a reasonable goal I think  :).

Anything else?  hmmm.  Well, life is going well.  So ima gun' keep on living, I think.  hehe

Till next time,

~peace y'all

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