Sunday, May 29, 2016

weekly health update #4

I think this will be a shorter 'update' post.  I haven't weighed myself (or tried yet), as dad just told me the scale was broken.  I went over my calories yesterday, piece of a birthday cake, and too many carbs besides essentially.  I've been fearing reaching a plateau (wow, spelled that right on second try  :P), but I don't really know how 'real' weight loss progresses, so it's just self-doubt I guess.  I am taking today off and being as lazy as I can.  My goal:  finish and enjoy my last cigarette at some point today.  [try try again right].  (I believe I returned to the 'fold' on day 10 of my latest decent attempt, by bumming and smoking one cigarette - following that with a pack on day 11).  I did make it roughly something like 4-6 months, with no cigs/vaping/nicotine replacement implements, before picking them back up for ~1 month'ish.  In the scheme of quitting, I still think I am making progress, and I offered to myself in my journal the other day, that quitting forever and for good is a very real possibility.  That was interesting.

Today looked to be another beautiful day, I made it almost 20 minutes in my zazen, before bringing it to a close, which is healthy and respectable, imo.  And I followed that with finishing the grass cutting, and the last smoke before starting this post, it starting raining.  This new 'morning person' role is treating me right nice.

So, lazy lazy lazy day of rest and relaxation is on my schedule.  I've changed into my workout attire, solely for a consistent weigh in, if it works.  So lemme go snap that picture with my eager Canon DSLR...

Well, lost less than previous two weigh-ins if I recall, but I am completely happy with another 2.5 lbs lost for the past week.  I don't know how my friend will do on his weigh-in today, but I don't mind waiting another week to kick his butt.  haha.  what else.  oh that's right, I almost forgot, i have to...

be lazy
and ~peaceful to you too

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