Sunday, May 15, 2016

weekly health update, post #2

It's that time.  I've used enough restraint to not weigh myself at all until today, just a few minutes ago.  So I'll start with that!  :)

Again, in grass cutting attire, it looks like I've lost 3lbs in the past week.  Not so shabby.  I need to work a bit more on sticking to my diet (counting calories).  Twice last week, I ate some junk food (chili cheese fritos, I do believe).  And a mexican restaurant last night, incurring the decision, "I'm just not gonna count any calories for this dinner".  :x  So fritos and a nachos supreme later, still able to reach 3lbs off.  Ok, next up:

The exercise is progressing well enough.  I missed exercise friday (dynamic strength stuff), but did it along with exercise bike yesterday, on Saturday.  I have added one of the supplemental warmups to my routine (shoulder rotations), thinking it'll help my shoulders relax during my sitting meditation.  (I've noticed tension there, while attaining the sitting posture)  I'd like to incorporate pushups and an abs focus into my 'strength' days (M-W-F), starting this week.  But for the dynamic stuff, I've noticed my balance is improving more than I had hoped, with one of the warmups that has you standing on one leg at a time.  Awesome.  As for the aerobic days, I didn't have much trouble going 15 mins today, which was an improvement from this time last week.  And I felt I had at least another 5 minutes in me, so maybe I'll work on getting the aerobic workouts up to 20 minutes, for this new week.  YAR  :)

What else.  I got feedback from my last doc visit/ blood test.  Everything is as it should be, except my cholesterol.  So they want me to try to fix it on my own within the next 2-3 months, by cutting back on my carbs intake.  So I've been working at keeping that in mind.  We'll see if I can do it, otherwise, looks like I'll get another medicine for that.  :/

Um, I guess I can mention meditation in this weekly update post.  Its going, tho, I try not to think in terms of progression in zazen (sitting meditation).  I guess just a simple overview/recap:  I missed yesterday's zazen, but that's the only day.  But I've been becoming a morning person recently, so I've started, and still working, at incorporating zazen into my morning routine, ideally, in the morning and the evening both.  So, that's that.

And smoking, well...  My last cigarette was in the carride home after work, on Friday.  So, today is looking to be the second full day with no tobacco/smoking.  I am using the nicotine lozenges, and it's just time to cut this nonsense out of my life again, so that's what I'm doing.  ;)

So here goes another week!  Maybe i'll have something more to share this week, before next Sunday's health update.  We shall see.  :)

Till next time y'all:


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