Thursday, June 30, 2016

upgrades for refinery #8

As far as this transitional phase of my life, today's upgrade is a notable signifier of passing through to another state of being.  It's the first part of the step at least.   I'll note what still needs to happen.  Firstly tho, is an upgrade I received yesterday.  On the utility side of 'being', is just a multitool, of which I value highly is utility:

a finished black leatherman surge.  i thought i was already good on this front, but my smaller/lesser black leatherman wave wanted to jump ship on me and change hands.  no worries, just an upgrade

Next up pertains to a higher expression of my self.  A certain higher level of focus/being.  The blades that express myself through dance.  I'll include first a picture of the ones I've used for this purpose for more than 15 years of my inhabitance of this body:

I don't think they make these ones with true double edges anymore, they moved onto making them with one real and one false edge.  no matter, I have these two as my current blades and a backup still in original packaging just in case something adversely happened to one.   they are known as smith and wesson h.r.t.'s (hostage rescue team)

Moving along, here follows a picture of my upgrades I received today.  You can view their specs here:

These blades suit me very well.  The sheaths are up to task, and fit nicely with my belt of choice.

 here's a side-x-side comparison.  Quite a bit more hefty are the browning's.  the older practice blades have rubberized handles, which I have grown to love.  i realize i have to adapt to the contours, heft and size difference of the newer blades.  as well the higher focus this particular update implies

There are several changes I have to make before incorporating these into my casual ~attire~.  In no particular order, I have to 1) lose the love handles at my sides, so they will be better accessible at my sides and 2) quit smoking so i can simplify my EDC, moving a folding knife and phone to right pocket.  Apparently, were I to reside here in my current State/locale another 5 years, well...  these are legal as long as they are not concealed.  So I'll also have to update my casual wear to tucking in my shirt.  Oh the pains of existence.

So that's my latest upgrade.  Got another upgrade should be coming tomorrow.  That will necessarily conclude my current round of upgrades.  Still a few other items on my want list.  But essentially, I'm up to date, as of today, with my h igher self.

till next time, keep up that ~peace

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

upgrades for refinery #7

I wonder if I'll run out of things to upgrade at some point...  fer sure for this round of life, at least!  I'll just do a few item pictures for this post.  No picture of the belt, cause the SMALLER belt is already busy!  :D  (For the record, its the third belt I've acquired now, same brand/model, but smallest one so far :)  So in a way, I'd be ok to grow a few more sizes back  :|  .  hehe.  Ok, some boring snapshots, then:

Bought two of these digital antenna for FROG (entertainment system room) and bedroom.  Only connected the one in bedroom yet, but it works wonderfully, found 37 channels and roughly ~10 are not so great (artifacting)

Last stick of chap-stick I went thru was Burt's Bee's peppermint I think, and it was the best that I had tried.  But this new Chapfix actually beats that, so I feel like this purchase was worth it.  In the name of lips, eh  :x

 And now for the big toy:
  This new Acer Predator screen, fit my bill perfectly.

 My stipulations were actually limits of sorts.  I wanted my third/main monitor to be only 24 inches and only 1080p (1920x1080), so it would fit in with my other two Asus monitors.

As it turns out, the way the monitors and triple monitor stand work together, my new Acer Predator sits roughly 1/2 - 3/4" lower than the two surrounding Asus screens.  This has the potential to bug the heck out of me, but I've already come to terms and accepted it.  Its ok  :)

Some blurbage about what's powering these screens:  gotz one of these for the new screen connected via DisplayPort [of course] for full utilization.  and gotz one of these for the two side monitors (connected via DVI) which will only do 2D desktop type stuffs.  (never planned to game on more than one monitor (multi-screen)

That screen above my triple monitors is an even older samsung 1080p screen (22" i think), that has nice features, such as HDMI connections coupled with older options like component AND composite, as well as coax, with a built-in digital tuner.  Thus, thats the screen I connected my first antenna to.  So it serves two functions now.  Roku for streaming, and as of now, digital over-the-air channels.  Aside from that, I have an HDMI switch going OUT to the right monitor, so I can manually change that input without much trouble, to play my PS3 or PS4 on that.

What else, I've got an older 5.1 Logitech [THX] speaker setup connected to PC.  The samsung screen on top as well as the right monitor have audio output going to a newer 2.1 Logitech [THX] speaker setup. (TV / Roku / PS3 / PS4).

I may shed light on some other setups I've already future proofed in later posts  :)

What else...  oh, just arrived today is this item.  I think it fits in well.  I wasn't planning on it, but I think I'll replace my current alarm clock with this.  Its pretty sweet, but I'm too lazy to take another picture for this blog.  heh

I think I'm very close now to closing out the last chapter of my [future-proofing] phase of life, and I am very much looking forward to what the next chapter has in store.

So till next time, ~peace!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

previews in time #1

A new thread, YESH!

Some previews for [time] consumption in this, my new life chapter:

 This came up in conversation, and I was pretty sure I still had it ~somewhere~

 advantages of tidy spaces... ~15 seconds of searching~

  I think I'll start a fresh game of this one first tho, I'll set out to complete it this time around!

guess I ought dust that baby (see: gb pocket/red) off.  its time for some gaming  ;)

Damn right yo.  yesh, damn skippy  :D

have a peaceful Sunday, get some rest, tidy something, and I think I'll do that meditation now  :)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

health update #7

Yes, I got a little curious.  In casual Saturday attire: hiking boots, jeans, short-sleeve shirt, most of my EDC items.  Just a weigh-in.  Take from it what u will I guess  :).  I ain't stressing none, here's the pic:

Its a bit dirty, probably cuz it's usually in my parents' bedroom, go figure?  I'll wipe it off in a sec tho.  For the record, it says 211.  I'm not stressing, dunno if I'll reach 180 by year's end, but I'm content with my progress.

In the health direction, currently in mind:

1)  I'd like to take up resumption of my meditation goal of twice/day.  I've been going through a very intense past couple of weeks, and have slid out of this practice unfortunately.  So long as I am aware of where I'm at, I ought be able to resume this without much issue.
2)  Rather than finishing my dynamic strength warm-ups and continuing into the Actual Dynamic Strength exercises that follow, I would like to start from the beginning of the Warm-Up exercises again, but employ my newfound body in utilizing tension (see: dynamic strength) within the warm-up exercises themselves.  This ought be good for me, at this point I think.  Slow and steady like, ya know.
3)  Rather than take up practice of resuming study on a Tai Chi form just yet.  I would like to pick up my MUCH earlier practice again, of static Chi Kung meditative stances, such as Embracing The Tree, for example, as well as Moving Chi Kung forms.  This will tie in the exercise and meditation in one, helping my progress of refining my mind/body/spirit connection, as well as building a foundation for which, I may at a future point, begin my journey into that Taoist Yoga book I shared on this blog with you in an earlier post.

Thus...  No worries, Just ~peace:  to you and yours  :)

Friday, June 24, 2016

upgrades for refinery #6

Got the first shipment, of several, of what may be my last round of future-proofing my life, for now at least.  Here's the goods for today:


Some blurbage i guess:  The big box at top is a triple monitor stand, for my new monitor that fedex estimates will be here Monday.  Some 'dude wipes'? uh, yea, seems logical.  Upgrading from a classic oatmeal handmade soap, to this variation (the green round thing) , which happens to smell better imo.  A new address/contacts book cuz I flubbed the first one and it ran away  :x.  A blade sharpener, cause I should really take better care of my knives, besides only cleaning them with steel cleaner.  Another fisher space pen, because I cannot find my previous one and I've enough refills to make having one to use worth it now.  This dandy firestarter w/compass, because I may actually quit cigs in this new upcoming chapter of life and I was a boy scout at some point in my life.  And then just boring 10ft cables so I can properly upgrade my desktop situation when the new monitor arrives.  WOOT  :D

In other news, I've worked a method to iron out my debts.  Thus, all the debts I had posted in a previous "challenges" post (I believe), have been resolved, and as for working that number out, I only have to pay my future self back over a 5 year time span.  Yay for food service life at a hospital, ya ?

Man, wait till u see the monitor upgrade tho  ;)

And well, I guess, let it be a ~peaceful weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

upgrades for refinery #5

I didn't see this coming, but I am grateful for becoming aware of this option, thanks to an old co-worker from Walgreen's (who still works there), whom I worked with for a time when I did photo-processing there.  I'm very thankful for his imparted wisdom for this upgrade.  Here's a couple snapshots of my terribly  awesome upgrade:

They're a deal bit more expensive than the pall mall menthol's I'm upgrading out of, but I mean seriously.  Ingredients listed are: 1)Organic Tobacco & 2)Organic Menthol.  (I am starting with the [light] version now.  No added chemicals/additives.  I am enjoying them quite a bit.  Cigs are traveling towards the realm of a pleasure to be planned and prepared for, rather than "Hold on, I'll brb, I just need a cig first".  Thus I see the more expensive price tag, paying for itself, easily.

I'll post when there's something new to report.

Have a ~peaceful day peeps!  :)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

upgrades for refinery #4

I didn't even think to mention this upgrade, such a passing casualty, but its the stuff of 'life'.  Put down 12.26 via for an investment in board gaming.  Came with the board and pieces only.

 first side, tic tac toe arrangement with a leather case that I re-purposed for this usage

other side, checker board arrangement, also shedding light on the pieces

There's only enough pieces to not lose a single one, so great care and supervision is required of such a past-time.  Thus far, I've played 3 games of checkers with my mother, and a few rounds of showing my niece some gaming rules with tic tac toe.  Its a good day, she turns 4 today, and I already have a decent camera, that's aching to pay itself off  :).

So this weekend is.  good.

~peaceful day to ya

Friday, June 17, 2016

health update #6

I've again encountered flow, as proposed by in a book be some professor of mine at one point or another in the scheme of time passages.  I've got a better grasp of it this time around, thus, I am utilizing it to suit my needs.  My diet has become natural and balanced, imo, and my exercise has reached thus far, into the realms of moments of inspired free style ki gung, I think is the best term to describe it.  A few seconds of inspired ~dance~ as it were, here and there, and I think my exercise routine shall continue of its own accord.  Perhaps if the curiosity and timing pop up again, I'll have another weigh-in, for my next health update.  State of being is nice here tho, tho I do have a bit more pruning to do within my personal environment.  Smooth [peaces] be with you.

Friday, June 10, 2016

upgrades for refinery #3

I expect these to be the best work shoes I've owned (black/slip resistant category).  We'll see what happens, but I have high hopes they'll workout and last a while.


here's what i went with: \
respectable this

Let's see if we can keep that ~peace~ up a bit longer...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

challenges #3

I'd like to note this would be at a certain degreeD of importance.  I have debts.  I need to fix them.  lemme do a rough estimate, hold on:

Paypal Credit:  414.64
Personal Loan: 2000
My Father:  250
My Mother:  42
My Dear Ex Wife:  20

Total Outstanding Debts, best of my ReCollections:  2726.64

This may look huge to some of you, and small to others.  Personally, I am categorizing it as a vital component to my plan, and I hold no illusions about paying it off, in this moment.  Thus, I am sharing it here.  I think I'm gonna share a song, at this point.

Now, things are being to clear and settle.  Thank you for your  understanding in these matters.

Have a peace full day[s] until next I share with you another post.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

weekly health update #5

Welp, I'll get to it.  Slight variation from last week.  I was without sneakers and socks, and instead of workout shorts, I have pajamas on this week.  It's Sunday, forgive me.  Here's the weigh-in, all things considered:

Whatever, u do the math, plz.  :)

Meditation progress:  since adding it to my morning routine, I almost every day do it once or twice now.

Cigarettes:  try try again.  i have 1 maybe 2 cigs left.  Lemme go smoke them, so I can quit...

Diet:  sticking to it.  had pizza and lots of food friday evening with parents at a restaurant.  I counted it as 1500 calories.  (2 slices of pizza, one garlic knot, maybe 2, few french fries, and side salad/italian dressing.  its becoming part of my lifestyle, the caloric goals.

Workouts:  I added a new exercise to my dynamic strength the past week.  I think there's only one more, maybe 2 more supplemental warmups left to add before I progress to the Actual Dynamic Strength training.  Honestly, I'm taking it easy the past week, and have not exercised every day.  trying to seek balance and a tad bit more discipline.



reflections and observations #3

I've been wanting to give this annoyance due respect, but have been putting it off, cuz I didn't want to sound like I'm complaining.  Suffice to say, I'm gonna share it now:

There are opinions that keep surfacing in my own life path, that medicine is not natural and not good.  And you shouldn't take "mind drugs" that you should go without and not follow doctors' advice, because 'you' can deal with it on ur own terms.

These types of opinions, in my experience, have proven false.  Just short and sweet proof from me:  I have experimented with quite a few recreational drugs in my past life, and ended up having life situations, coupled with my altered brain chemistry from the 'fun drugs', lead me to my first schizophrenic episode, which has popped up from time to time.  I am doing well now, tho. I am doing the group therapy currently, and on anti-psychotic medication, and I feel the professionals working with me, have my best interests in mind.  As an aside tho, I do think I may get off the anti-depressant medz I'm on now  :P.

I plan to stay on the anti-psychotic medication, and not dabble with the drugs from my past anymore, and I see a bright outlook in my future, in this aspect of my life.  True, I do think the pharmaceutical industry is influenced too heavily by the capitalistic influences in the world today, but please don't throw out the baby with the bathwater, ok?  Medicine has come a long way, and probably the people that do the real work of developing the medicine, are doing so out of good intentions.

I just had to get that off my chest.  Thank you for your attention in this matter.

and ~peace till I post again  :)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

projects post #2

I need to get busy this weekend, so much to do, thank God, cause busy-ness is a great tool for such a weekend.  The friend mentioned in last project post, well, he [goaled] me that if I were to pick cigs up again, then I ought take on the task of installing linux onto my Acer C720 chromebook.  So this weekend, I intend to take care of that nonsense with LMDE this time (Linux Mint Debian Edition), lest it get backlogged.  The way it's currently configured, as last I changed its presence, is thus:  I upgraded the SSD from 32GB to 128GB, and worked out getting windows 10 running/installed on it.  It is now stripped of ChromeOS, running windows 10, with an Intel Core i3 powering it, with 4GB ram.  I runs beautifully.  Of course, that made my Linux Mint sticker I adorned it with, a bit silly.  But I did leave roughly ~40GB free/unpartitioned, for next linux venture.  If anyone is interested in doing "the same" to another C720, I'd refer you here, I believe is where the info resides.

So that's a short term project for entertaining time passages this weekend.  Cutting grass, both front and back, is my excuse for making up a sweat so I can listen to music in the fresh air  :).

Finally, I flubbed in my first projects post.  I wanted to impart something from 'friend' into the post, got permission to quote him and everything (and received the stipulation that he still 'owns' the quote, keep in mind, hehe).  Along the ideas of making life more comfortable and fun (financially beneficial in best cases), he offered: "if we apply ourselves, we can do anything", which goes along way for the motivational cause, imo.  Thus, here's the book I received a short time ago this morning:

Patience is a virtue, but continuing at some pace in the generally right direction, is what I'm keeping in mind.  Alrighty, lets busy the day away!

till next time,
keep up that ~peace

upgrades for refinery #2

Recently got some upgrades for streamlining things.  First up is a nicer keyboard, and I'm excited with breaking it in.  A mechanical kb with cherry mx red switches.  Here's the model online.  And here it is in the physical:

Thus my means of input should be satisfactory, I'm estimating for at least the next ten years!

Not the only upgrade I'll share.  The next one is a bit lower tech, but I can't argue its potential usefulness.  The topic came up in a group session, regarding being prepared for anything life may give ya, and one suggestion I took to incorporate, is to have an address book to keep track of contacts and stuffs.  It's this Moleskine option, and I'll give some shots of the one I received:

Haven't even started inputting info into it yet, but it's surely on my to-do list now.  :)

~peace till next post

(it's saturday after all, still)

challenges #2

Well, some interesting events and a feeling of welcoming life, has me...  feeling...  new?  Well, o.k., "new" has to settle, that's all.  At least I have something to focus on right now.  Today shall be #1 with no tobacco or vaping.  I'm in the first phase of using nicotine replacement therapy, in the form of nicotine lozenges.  I guess to satisfy my wish for clarity, I finished my last cigarette yesterday [Friday:2016:06:03 - for my own reference point] before getting out of my car, upon returning home after the work day was done.  ('round = 5pm'ish)

I have a general feeling of "I should be doing better than I am [right/by] now" as well as "wow, life is swell".  It's o.k., I'm handling it.  I guess I can sum this up with focus of:  Let's find our natural rhythm with [this].

I'll prolly be adding another post sometime later today.  I guess it's just one of those Saturdays  :).

no cigs
yes ~peace

Friday, June 3, 2016

reflections and observations #2

Just a few quotes for this post I think:

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."
-Hebrews 11:1

"Since things neither exist nor don't exist,
are neither real nor unreal,
are utterly beyond adopting and rejecting -
one might as well burst out laughing."
-Longchenpa, fourteenth-century Tibetan Master

"Whenever we earnestly strive for something and concentrate on attaining it, fate always helps us onward."
-Elisabeth Haich, Initiation

 "Your mindful breath and your smile will bring happiness to you and those around you.  Even if you spend a lot of money on gifts for everyone ... nothing you could buy them can give as much true happiness as your gift of awareness, breathing, and smiling, and these precious gifts cost nothing."
-Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

"Where all think alike, no one thinks very much."
-Walter Lippman

"It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end."
-Leonardo da Vinci

"Still water
Occasional ripple
A reflected reality"

"Let none turn over books or roam the stars in quest of God, who sees him not in man."
-Johann Kaspar Lavater, Swiss poet

"Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force, that thoughts rule the world."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Just to be is a blessing.  Just to live is holy."
-Rabbi Abraham Herschel

Hey, bro if you see this, and I have still forgotten to bring it up, -do you still have that T.S. Eliot book I let you borrow?  :)

and that's enough, i think
~peace be in ur day

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

projects post #1

Alright, I'm putting effort into my physical health (diet and exercise), spiritual health (zazen), my social well being (group therapy and finally stepping out of my shell :) ).  Now its time to work that mental muscle back into my life.

A friend of mine and I have a shared goal to assemble (an) Android game(s).  We have both touched on programming sporadically in each of our lives.  Most recently, we attempted a 2 part online course for Python @, but we fizzled out before finishing the second part of the class.  Next we attempted a less interactive Javascript online course @, but again, we lazed our way out of completing the entire thing.

I'll note that in several shots I've given at programming, I always fizzle out at the inclusion of the object oriented part of learning.  So, I feel I am in a better position now, having better capacity at taking a serious approach to, and better accomplishing things like programming.

So, our plans at this point, are to get our handles on the Java language, which apparently is what Android apps use.  So last weekend I ventured out to Barnes and Noble (I love that place) and purchased the following book:

This ought to be a good place for me to spend time tackling Java programming, and includes as one of its mini-books, roughly 110 pages or so I think of object oriented programming.  I think I'll have better luck with a book, and totally at my own pace.  I've also ordered another book which goes towards the same goal of making a game.  I'll share that with you when it arrives in another post.  I still have lazy tendencies, but I am getting better at making an effort against that general laziness.

So maybe if you follow this blog, you'll see a game come out of two wonderfully unique minds!  ;)

And so goes,
the ~peace