Saturday, June 4, 2016

challenges #2

Well, some interesting events and a feeling of welcoming life, has me...  feeling...  new?  Well, o.k., "new" has to settle, that's all.  At least I have something to focus on right now.  Today shall be #1 with no tobacco or vaping.  I'm in the first phase of using nicotine replacement therapy, in the form of nicotine lozenges.  I guess to satisfy my wish for clarity, I finished my last cigarette yesterday [Friday:2016:06:03 - for my own reference point] before getting out of my car, upon returning home after the work day was done.  ('round = 5pm'ish)

I have a general feeling of "I should be doing better than I am [right/by] now" as well as "wow, life is swell".  It's o.k., I'm handling it.  I guess I can sum this up with focus of:  Let's find our natural rhythm with [this].

I'll prolly be adding another post sometime later today.  I guess it's just one of those Saturdays  :).

no cigs
yes ~peace

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