Tuesday, June 7, 2016

challenges #3

I'd like to note this would be at a certain degreeD of importance.  I have debts.  I need to fix them.  lemme do a rough estimate, hold on:

Paypal Credit:  414.64
Personal Loan: 2000
My Father:  250
My Mother:  42
My Dear Ex Wife:  20

Total Outstanding Debts, best of my ReCollections:  2726.64

This may look huge to some of you, and small to others.  Personally, I am categorizing it as a vital component to my plan, and I hold no illusions about paying it off, in this moment.  Thus, I am sharing it here.  I think I'm gonna share a song, at this point.

Now, things are being to clear and settle.  Thank you for your  understanding in these matters.

Have a peace full day[s] until next I share with you another post.

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