Friday, June 17, 2016

health update #6

I've again encountered flow, as proposed by in a book be some professor of mine at one point or another in the scheme of time passages.  I've got a better grasp of it this time around, thus, I am utilizing it to suit my needs.  My diet has become natural and balanced, imo, and my exercise has reached thus far, into the realms of moments of inspired free style ki gung, I think is the best term to describe it.  A few seconds of inspired ~dance~ as it were, here and there, and I think my exercise routine shall continue of its own accord.  Perhaps if the curiosity and timing pop up again, I'll have another weigh-in, for my next health update.  State of being is nice here tho, tho I do have a bit more pruning to do within my personal environment.  Smooth [peaces] be with you.

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