Saturday, June 25, 2016

health update #7

Yes, I got a little curious.  In casual Saturday attire: hiking boots, jeans, short-sleeve shirt, most of my EDC items.  Just a weigh-in.  Take from it what u will I guess  :).  I ain't stressing none, here's the pic:

Its a bit dirty, probably cuz it's usually in my parents' bedroom, go figure?  I'll wipe it off in a sec tho.  For the record, it says 211.  I'm not stressing, dunno if I'll reach 180 by year's end, but I'm content with my progress.

In the health direction, currently in mind:

1)  I'd like to take up resumption of my meditation goal of twice/day.  I've been going through a very intense past couple of weeks, and have slid out of this practice unfortunately.  So long as I am aware of where I'm at, I ought be able to resume this without much issue.
2)  Rather than finishing my dynamic strength warm-ups and continuing into the Actual Dynamic Strength exercises that follow, I would like to start from the beginning of the Warm-Up exercises again, but employ my newfound body in utilizing tension (see: dynamic strength) within the warm-up exercises themselves.  This ought be good for me, at this point I think.  Slow and steady like, ya know.
3)  Rather than take up practice of resuming study on a Tai Chi form just yet.  I would like to pick up my MUCH earlier practice again, of static Chi Kung meditative stances, such as Embracing The Tree, for example, as well as Moving Chi Kung forms.  This will tie in the exercise and meditation in one, helping my progress of refining my mind/body/spirit connection, as well as building a foundation for which, I may at a future point, begin my journey into that Taoist Yoga book I shared on this blog with you in an earlier post.

Thus...  No worries, Just ~peace:  to you and yours  :)


  1. Weigh yourself naked, just saying!

    1. 204 in boxers, best I can do for now... Just saying. :P