Wednesday, June 1, 2016

projects post #1

Alright, I'm putting effort into my physical health (diet and exercise), spiritual health (zazen), my social well being (group therapy and finally stepping out of my shell :) ).  Now its time to work that mental muscle back into my life.

A friend of mine and I have a shared goal to assemble (an) Android game(s).  We have both touched on programming sporadically in each of our lives.  Most recently, we attempted a 2 part online course for Python @, but we fizzled out before finishing the second part of the class.  Next we attempted a less interactive Javascript online course @, but again, we lazed our way out of completing the entire thing.

I'll note that in several shots I've given at programming, I always fizzle out at the inclusion of the object oriented part of learning.  So, I feel I am in a better position now, having better capacity at taking a serious approach to, and better accomplishing things like programming.

So, our plans at this point, are to get our handles on the Java language, which apparently is what Android apps use.  So last weekend I ventured out to Barnes and Noble (I love that place) and purchased the following book:

This ought to be a good place for me to spend time tackling Java programming, and includes as one of its mini-books, roughly 110 pages or so I think of object oriented programming.  I think I'll have better luck with a book, and totally at my own pace.  I've also ordered another book which goes towards the same goal of making a game.  I'll share that with you when it arrives in another post.  I still have lazy tendencies, but I am getting better at making an effort against that general laziness.

So maybe if you follow this blog, you'll see a game come out of two wonderfully unique minds!  ;)

And so goes,
the ~peace