Saturday, June 4, 2016

projects post #2

I need to get busy this weekend, so much to do, thank God, cause busy-ness is a great tool for such a weekend.  The friend mentioned in last project post, well, he [goaled] me that if I were to pick cigs up again, then I ought take on the task of installing linux onto my Acer C720 chromebook.  So this weekend, I intend to take care of that nonsense with LMDE this time (Linux Mint Debian Edition), lest it get backlogged.  The way it's currently configured, as last I changed its presence, is thus:  I upgraded the SSD from 32GB to 128GB, and worked out getting windows 10 running/installed on it.  It is now stripped of ChromeOS, running windows 10, with an Intel Core i3 powering it, with 4GB ram.  I runs beautifully.  Of course, that made my Linux Mint sticker I adorned it with, a bit silly.  But I did leave roughly ~40GB free/unpartitioned, for next linux venture.  If anyone is interested in doing "the same" to another C720, I'd refer you here, I believe is where the info resides.

So that's a short term project for entertaining time passages this weekend.  Cutting grass, both front and back, is my excuse for making up a sweat so I can listen to music in the fresh air  :).

Finally, I flubbed in my first projects post.  I wanted to impart something from 'friend' into the post, got permission to quote him and everything (and received the stipulation that he still 'owns' the quote, keep in mind, hehe).  Along the ideas of making life more comfortable and fun (financially beneficial in best cases), he offered: "if we apply ourselves, we can do anything", which goes along way for the motivational cause, imo.  Thus, here's the book I received a short time ago this morning:

Patience is a virtue, but continuing at some pace in the generally right direction, is what I'm keeping in mind.  Alrighty, lets busy the day away!

till next time,
keep up that ~peace

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