Saturday, June 4, 2016

upgrades for refinery #2

Recently got some upgrades for streamlining things.  First up is a nicer keyboard, and I'm excited with breaking it in.  A mechanical kb with cherry mx red switches.  Here's the model online.  And here it is in the physical:

Thus my means of input should be satisfactory, I'm estimating for at least the next ten years!

Not the only upgrade I'll share.  The next one is a bit lower tech, but I can't argue its potential usefulness.  The topic came up in a group session, regarding being prepared for anything life may give ya, and one suggestion I took to incorporate, is to have an address book to keep track of contacts and stuffs.  It's this Moleskine option, and I'll give some shots of the one I received:

Haven't even started inputting info into it yet, but it's surely on my to-do list now.  :)

~peace till next post

(it's saturday after all, still)

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