Sunday, June 19, 2016

upgrades for refinery #4

I didn't even think to mention this upgrade, such a passing casualty, but its the stuff of 'life'.  Put down 12.26 via for an investment in board gaming.  Came with the board and pieces only.

 first side, tic tac toe arrangement with a leather case that I re-purposed for this usage

other side, checker board arrangement, also shedding light on the pieces

There's only enough pieces to not lose a single one, so great care and supervision is required of such a past-time.  Thus far, I've played 3 games of checkers with my mother, and a few rounds of showing my niece some gaming rules with tic tac toe.  Its a good day, she turns 4 today, and I already have a decent camera, that's aching to pay itself off  :).

So this weekend is.  good.

~peaceful day to ya


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    1. thank you, maybe i'll learn a few new games along the way myself :)