Friday, June 24, 2016

upgrades for refinery #6

Got the first shipment, of several, of what may be my last round of future-proofing my life, for now at least.  Here's the goods for today:


Some blurbage i guess:  The big box at top is a triple monitor stand, for my new monitor that fedex estimates will be here Monday.  Some 'dude wipes'? uh, yea, seems logical.  Upgrading from a classic oatmeal handmade soap, to this variation (the green round thing) , which happens to smell better imo.  A new address/contacts book cuz I flubbed the first one and it ran away  :x.  A blade sharpener, cause I should really take better care of my knives, besides only cleaning them with steel cleaner.  Another fisher space pen, because I cannot find my previous one and I've enough refills to make having one to use worth it now.  This dandy firestarter w/compass, because I may actually quit cigs in this new upcoming chapter of life and I was a boy scout at some point in my life.  And then just boring 10ft cables so I can properly upgrade my desktop situation when the new monitor arrives.  WOOT  :D

In other news, I've worked a method to iron out my debts.  Thus, all the debts I had posted in a previous "challenges" post (I believe), have been resolved, and as for working that number out, I only have to pay my future self back over a 5 year time span.  Yay for food service life at a hospital, ya ?

Man, wait till u see the monitor upgrade tho  ;)

And well, I guess, let it be a ~peaceful weekend!

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