Thursday, June 30, 2016

upgrades for refinery #8

As far as this transitional phase of my life, today's upgrade is a notable signifier of passing through to another state of being.  It's the first part of the step at least.   I'll note what still needs to happen.  Firstly tho, is an upgrade I received yesterday.  On the utility side of 'being', is just a multitool, of which I value highly is utility:

a finished black leatherman surge.  i thought i was already good on this front, but my smaller/lesser black leatherman wave wanted to jump ship on me and change hands.  no worries, just an upgrade

Next up pertains to a higher expression of my self.  A certain higher level of focus/being.  The blades that express myself through dance.  I'll include first a picture of the ones I've used for this purpose for more than 15 years of my inhabitance of this body:

I don't think they make these ones with true double edges anymore, they moved onto making them with one real and one false edge.  no matter, I have these two as my current blades and a backup still in original packaging just in case something adversely happened to one.   they are known as smith and wesson h.r.t.'s (hostage rescue team)

Moving along, here follows a picture of my upgrades I received today.  You can view their specs here:

These blades suit me very well.  The sheaths are up to task, and fit nicely with my belt of choice.

 here's a side-x-side comparison.  Quite a bit more hefty are the browning's.  the older practice blades have rubberized handles, which I have grown to love.  i realize i have to adapt to the contours, heft and size difference of the newer blades.  as well the higher focus this particular update implies

There are several changes I have to make before incorporating these into my casual ~attire~.  In no particular order, I have to 1) lose the love handles at my sides, so they will be better accessible at my sides and 2) quit smoking so i can simplify my EDC, moving a folding knife and phone to right pocket.  Apparently, were I to reside here in my current State/locale another 5 years, well...  these are legal as long as they are not concealed.  So I'll also have to update my casual wear to tucking in my shirt.  Oh the pains of existence.

So that's my latest upgrade.  Got another upgrade should be coming tomorrow.  That will necessarily conclude my current round of upgrades.  Still a few other items on my want list.  But essentially, I'm up to date, as of today, with my h igher self.

till next time, keep up that ~peace

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