Sunday, June 5, 2016

weekly health update #5

Welp, I'll get to it.  Slight variation from last week.  I was without sneakers and socks, and instead of workout shorts, I have pajamas on this week.  It's Sunday, forgive me.  Here's the weigh-in, all things considered:

Whatever, u do the math, plz.  :)

Meditation progress:  since adding it to my morning routine, I almost every day do it once or twice now.

Cigarettes:  try try again.  i have 1 maybe 2 cigs left.  Lemme go smoke them, so I can quit...

Diet:  sticking to it.  had pizza and lots of food friday evening with parents at a restaurant.  I counted it as 1500 calories.  (2 slices of pizza, one garlic knot, maybe 2, few french fries, and side salad/italian dressing.  its becoming part of my lifestyle, the caloric goals.

Workouts:  I added a new exercise to my dynamic strength the past week.  I think there's only one more, maybe 2 more supplemental warmups left to add before I progress to the Actual Dynamic Strength training.  Honestly, I'm taking it easy the past week, and have not exercised every day.  trying to seek balance and a tad bit more discipline.




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    1. wasn't familiar with stone, but upon google's checking, thats just about spot on. and maybe would be had i shoes on. smashing! i think i've passed my first two goals, passing a friend (217lbs) and dad (210lbs)