Monday, July 4, 2016

reflections and observations #4

Something like a description of this time/space in my perceptions...

essentially, i'm finding myself back at square one, yet again.  but from a continuous path that led here from the last [square one].  summarily, i just have to do some tweaking, a bit of finessing, and get myself back on track.  hopefully, ex and step will finally move out this wednesday  :x  (nuh, i did say that?)  been like a week now, and its cramping my style  :/

i don't wanna brag, but i've been through hell, at times digging deeper into the pits, when [work] needed doing.  cigs aren't the least of what needs fixing.  more like the first needing attention, so, that's now my stated intention, arh!

i guess in essence, i gotta rehabilitate my physical self.  be mindful of my spiritual health.  and have some bloody fun in the process, for criminy's sake.

what else.  well this is what i'm working with atm, regarding the cigarette issue.  if I quit right now, i can upgrade my aged cell phone.  motivation ftw!

alright then, ~~peace be with ya


  1. New phone, no smoking= good plan!

    1. i'm counting thursday as day 0. if i can make thursday w/no tobacco, i ought be able to follow that w/friday no smoking, then i think i can make it happen. (failed this morning, for the record)