Friday, July 8, 2016

upgrades for refinery #9

I conclude I'm just too adept to my life situation, with tools such as YNAB, omg, is this a good thing, I wonder?

I posted earlier, if I quit cigs, I can afford myself a cell phone upgrade.  Well, I made it yesterday, Thursday (day 0, as I thought it), without any tobacco.  Of course today was the moment of truth, as it is my pay day.  So I drew open my YNAB software, crunched all my dollar and cents numbers, and it turns out I can afford myself that cell phone, and also afford my nicotine habit, even considering these American Spirit branded (natural/organic) cigarettes are a bit on the expensive side.

So I'm supporting organic farmers (at least the tobacco growing ones), AND I remembered to use the when placing my cell phone order!  (the 'smile' is for some sort of charity or another, which I normally forget to use  :| )

Well, the cell phone is on pre-order, as it releases July 12th, but amazon rocks, so I get release date delivery on the 12th along with free shipping  :)  (yes, amazon Prime still proves worth the price of admission, imo)  I'm upgrading from an old (I think 1st gen, but not certain) Motorola Moto G into a newer model, the 4th gen Motorola Moto G.  The normal price is like 199.99, but as a prime member, the price lists as 149.99.  Of course, my penny pinching, deal finding friend quoted me as a 124.99 price on amazon/prime if you agree to having ads display on the phone's lock screen.  Yes, upon adding to cart and ordering, the price indeed showed as 124.99.  so I nabbed the phone as well as a case, for a total of 140.98, with an additional 50 budgeted for activating and first month/service.  I plan to take it to a sprint location when it arrives on Tuesday, changing from Boost Mobile service to Sprint (altho boost uses the sprint network as is, I believe).

I'm excited, my 8gb limited storage on my current phone will  bump up to 16gb, as well as having a microsd slot!  (tgtbt  :) )

So I have an option to attempt another go at quitting cigs, making my life more comfortable with a healthier spending money allowance, maybe i'll try this weekend.  (as goes the thought, if I make it all weekend (2 days) with no smoking, I'd probably have a better chance at starting Monday/week smoke free).

Finally, ex and step left on a plane yesterday to start their new life/lives in California style.  And my spaces have found a new pace.  So, I'll work today, and this weekend I hope to spend tidying and cleaning, cutting grass, essentially, taking care of my environment!!!!!  I'm excited about cleaning, so it could be worse, but I dunno about better, at this point  :x.

How did I write so much this morning.  hmm, perhaps its this energy drink my mom surprised me with yesterday.  I do like gifts tho.  hehe

Alrighty then, have a ~peaceful Friday peeps!  Lets get to that weekend already  ;)


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    1. Still gotta do that quit smoking thing... I think i have 3 left this morning, maybe try finishing the day with none after that. And I'm now leaning towards T-Mobile rather than Sprint. Thanks for the comment :)