Thursday, August 11, 2016

artistic attractions #2

ya know, lets reflect.  3d is ok.  4d is fine. 5d is useful to wander thru time.

whatever, i'm bored, i'm ready for another dimension.  

i'm thus far at 8, but ready to move one.  i hope i don't go past 12, tho that already presupposes 13.

where from here.

colors, thats where.

rehashing some digital interpretations.

and SOOOOOOOOOO aching for new artworx.

Digital expressions so far are in the [krita app/ medium wacom intuos 4 drawing tablet] realms.

I have a tidy case for the tablet, i have a dream pc for the krita app.  I am absolutely dying to caress my soft/hard pastels to paper (white or black medium, uncertain).  In any case, its time to kill.  Wait, what was time again?  Its what I choose for this type of expression.  Be it as it may.

Enjoy ur meanderings through my tidy online blogger space.  Cheers.

EDIT:::  I'm sorry, I miscalculated.  I completely forgot the first 4.  Guess  the towels is thrown now.  Or what, is this the start of my game.  Go figure plz.

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