Wednesday, August 24, 2016

artistic attractions #3

Recently, [while i was in hospital this last time, actually], it was suggested to me the idea of watercolor pencils and a special paper for watercolors and such, referred to as Yupo paper.  So I took the plunge, tho haven't tried the new setup yet.  Just sharing my newly added art toys!  :)

~with a bunch of pictures no less  :P

it's something like plastic, waterproof

i do like my case solutions, in general [always]

not overdone, yet not compromised too much with chosen pencils

hope its functional!

mmm, Form and Function...

 pre-sharpened, thank you  :)

 colors, 72 of them

well, 36 colors

and...  36 more!

ahhh, this is tantalizing

if u can tell, they are triangular in shape.  thus pencil sharpener may not be best tool for keeping these babies on point...

i really appreciated how these pencils fit into the case, [in this case], note how the pinks and reds extend past the other darker colors in contrast.  (i like subtleties like this, i do)

not quite sure how this will close back up, lets see.............

hmm, that's natural enough.  i appreciate the strap closure, with a snap type mechanism

finally, i already owned these items, brushes for H2O application to color , and my 'Hinderer'-designed Kershaw knife, that I'm choosing to devote to the duty of keeping these new watercolor pencils in tip top shape. 

Couldn't say when I'll have a composition of colors to showcase my first experience with this new setup, but I do have a picture in mind, so it Will happen, peepz!  :)

~peaceful [cheers] and such

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