Friday, August 5, 2016

hate to call it hard

But my work led me into a hospital again for another ~2 week excursion.  I feel, personally, that I improved the lives of some fellow dear souls and tender hearts, as well as possibly providing an upward path to some lovely characters.  It's been deep, raw, real, wow.  I got to know myself in a bit broader fashion as well.

It provided a 2 week span where I could exist without smoking or nicotine of any kind too.  I haven't checked my weight yet, but I think ..... umm...  well, I rock  ?

Anyway, I had some time to devote to starting a very in depth study of a chosen T'ai Chi Ch'uan form that I intend to follow into my day to day life in the real world.  omg, its good, its really fantastically good.  I lended some energies into dipping my feet into hatha yoga.  I gained a deeper appreciation for the concept of '36 chambers of Shaolin' and the energy and discipline required in such a path (which i know I am at some point within, already, which is quite an intense feeling).  I am more curious about the concept of Taoist immortality.  I am closer to zen.  And I still lean towards believing that levitation is possible.

I shall return to work on Monday, and look forward to experiencing my working routine in a fresh light.

I have faith in the tools I have aquired as of now, as well as the power of my personal faith and will.

If all goes well this weekend, I'll be messing with at least 2-3 different video games.  I may see my brother and sister in law, and their kids.  It's her 2 older children's birthday celebration thing this weekend, so I need to take a trip and get some artfully and humbly selected gifts for each of them today.

ummm.  I should stick to meditation twice a day starting today in the free world (outside hospital), as well as dynamic strength, and some tai chi studies.  Man, I really feel good right now, u blogger readers out there.  I really do.

So with a heartfelt appreciation for u spending some time reading this post, may ur day be ~peaceful..

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