Tuesday, August 9, 2016

"let's maintain"

My recent trip to the hospital was not without its flaws.  One flaw, they utterly neglected those probiotics things.  They did not properly intake my possessions I had packed for the sojourn, they left them in my book bag the entire 2 weeks.  I tried getting them to check again, I tried getting them to simply make any of the probiotic type supplement available for me, with the daily morning meds.  I told them the importance of refridgeration, even if I could not take them while there.  Anyway, I complain sometimes.

I also keep taking steps in the directions I choose to pursue.  So I ordered more.  And I spent out the yin-yang for proper shipping.  So I just wanna share how that naturalhealthyconcepts.com treated my cargo this time around.  Could be worse...

TBH, I have suffered intestinal issues like my entire life.  So I'm back on track with these, which hopefully contribute to my healthy persona, eh.

Alright then, ~peace peepz

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