Tuesday, August 30, 2016

[smish-smash]... I need a fight, sooooooo, here we go!

In the name of productive, I'm devising a plan.  Fix myself.  Fix my environment.  For now.

The following accessory arrived via UPS yesterday.  So I set upon a project of getting to know this new adversary, and seeing what he's made of.  So far, he's hinting at me that I need to quit smoking now...

This is the Weider Power Tower, as I have come to know 'him':

 Guy who delivered it helped me get it inside, no sweat.

 I don't usually relish a task like this assembly.

 Almost missing parts, but they were loose within the packaging (found).

 No problem, right?  RIGHT!

 Ok, we have a base.

 And what's this, the bones of a beast?

 Reminds me of sitting cross legged in Iron Chairs in my free time (in hospital at least)

Well, it WAS a formal living room.  Gonna have to work on placements to keep peace.

Well, my overall goal, is to accomplish a pull-up now.  Honestly, it took a LONG time before I could do a push-up.  I spent plenty of time with dynamic strength push-ups from my knees.  First push-up I accomplished was during my last visit to the hospital.  Next day I did seven.  I did 8 last Saturday, to see if I could, with my brother hanging out and witnessing it.  Gonna have to start pushing towards my breaking point[s] now I think.

Well, I can't do a pull-up now, I tried.  But I am a worthy opponent for this monstrosity I think, thus, I am still smoking cigarettes at this point :x.  Aside from pull-ups tho, this power tower should do my core quite a bit of good.  Should help with my kicks I'm casually working on, as I hope balance improves to accomodate.

I can't get back into adding new dynamic strength exercises yet, as I've let my therapist borrow that book for a week or two, so he could make copies of choice exercises.  Anyway, there's one more item I wanted to show you peeps in this post:

Because push-ups aren't dynamic enough by themselves.

These basically allow the hands/wrists to rotate naturally during pushups, as well as letting ur chest dip a bit more into them.

One pro tip from the dynamic strength studies, fyi:  Go slower on the downward motion, and a slight bit faster on the upward part.  Or so its said...

Aside from working on my self, I'd like to tackle the house/cleaning properly and in swift enough time, complete it this time.   The two big rooms to tackle at this point are the dining room (which is sort of a hoarding lair, and the garage, which is just a hot mess  :P

So yah, I haven't given up, and maybe by the end of the year, I'll hit that 180 lb goal AND be able to do a pull-up.

 Wish me luck peeps  :)

And ~peace at that!

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