Tuesday, September 13, 2016

health update #8

Woo-blah, guess it's as good a time as any, for another one of [these] posts.  I'll just start with a weigh-in then:

Bloody 210 lbs and in only 'workout' attire.  Shameful, as looking back at 'health update #7' on June 25 in full 'casual weekend get-up' was 211 lbs.  Well, I could argue that I'm converting fat to muscle, but blast, whatever, it's frustrating...

This tower 'opponent' has struck a low blow, as I just received a new 'upgrade' today for my fight towards a pull-up.  I saw it coming, but, well, not really, not like reality setting in today.  Here's the dang upgrade, and its pretty wicked:

I am not ready, not for this  :/.  Cigarettes just aren't gonna fly for this new toy, and that presents an issue.  I just now drowned/destroyed the last 9 cigarettes I had on hand.  I've destroyed plenty of cigarettes in my never ending plight, so I'm not banking on my resolve just yet...  which is sort of disheartening to me right now.  In any case, I have to put up some sort of effort, ya?

So I'm setting new intentions into my routine, as I'll state here, be it the death of me, or not.
Intents, for daily, I share:
     1) Meditate and some extent of Tai Chi practice and/or study, ideally twice per day
     2) Engage tower to some extent
     3) Engage pushup bars sufficiently
     4) Engage this wicked rope thing

Geeze, this is gonna kill me, if I stick it out, I swear :x.  Along with taking care of my health aspects, I need also to clean the house completely, at least every area accessible and possibly interpreted as part of my living space.  And be humble about letting this simply be 'setting a good example' and continuing to clean up after...  well, after cleaning the house completely, yes?

Oh dear, this fight is formidable ahead of me...  Some lighter news:  I have to order a smaller belt, as I've reached the last hole of my current size.  This new belt will be the 4th belt, in their 'declination' existence, so, well, that's [something].  I suppose I could drop 2 sizes instead, but that wouldn't be as fun, ya know  :P.

Well, as I should say, I suppose, ~peace...

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