Sunday, September 4, 2016

reflections and observations #7

This is not so much a recent reflection, unless I observe something new during this post, as much as it is sharing how my process may operate.  Firstly, I'll refresh my path's logic form, as I have applied it to my life:

1 2 3 4 7 14 21 28
1 6 28
1 5

I attached corresponding Tao Te Ching chapters to each number, and when I needed to center / ground myself, I would read them in that order.  I'll share one chapter of this path as it has come into my awareness this morning:


Know the male,
     Hold to the female;
          Become the world's stream.
By being the world's stream,
     The Power will never leave.
          This is returning to Infancy.

Know the white,
     Hold to the black;
          Become the world's pattern,
By becoming the world's pattern,
     The Power will never falter.
          This is returning to Limitlessness.

Know the glory,
     Hold to the obscurity;
          Become the world's valley.
By being the world's valley,
     The Power will be sufficient.
          This is returning to Simplicity.

When Simplicity is broken up,
It is made into instruments.
Evolved Individuals who employ them,
Are made into leaders.
In this way the Great System is united.
-Translation by R.L. Wing

I have employed various aspects of this particular passage at times as applicable.   For the most obvious part of this post, I did use it as to become the world's pattern.  I employed psychological and spiritual (religious tones initially) angles to efface my person, as I had known him to be.  An example of this, would be to inwardly become the most dispicable person I could become, as well as the most divine.  For example, I did place myself into the shoes of the anti-christ, as well as the shoes of Jesus, for the purposes of this self effacement, as of at the time, my spiritual background consisted of Christianity.  Having experienced all the dark/light aspects of my potential being, as were proposed in my awareness, I picked up the pieces and approached my path with Tao and facing my shadow, essentially, a process of mastering my inward self.

Now I am in a transitory phase, as I perceive it, in the evolution of [my] life.  I must not be relinquishing the person I have become;  chances are, I've been through worse already.  I've been a broken/lost soul already.  I did start again, and survive.  I think withdrawing some of my energies would be a wise maneuver at this juncture.  Subtly as it were, as the line I walk is part of parcel part of the world's pattern at this point.  I intend to use that aspect of my path as a tool, to be employed or overlooked, as I may be inspired to do so.

What else...  hmmm...   "too much talk will exhaust itself...  it is better to remain centered..." [ch5, Tao Te Ching, HOLDING TO THE CENTER]

But ya know, I'm tired of the ~peace inclusions... maybe i'll nix those...

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